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Kimchi on toast, vegan quesadillas, or Mediterranean tapas to share, this list of best vegetarian restaurants in Bruges covers a little bit of everything. Most restaurants in this article have vegetarian, vegan, and yes even meat options ensuring you can bring just about anyone with you for a bite to eat.

As a Belgian, I have traveled to Bruges more times than I can count. The city is one of my favorite places in Belgium and still manages to give me goosebumps, every single time. Over my many visits, I pretty much ate my way through the various veggie places in Bruges!

I am really happy to state that there has been a veritable shift when it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Bruges. While 5 years ago I would struggle to find anything other than overcooked pasta, now there is a decent amount of choice.

If you scroll to the end of this article you will find a map of Bruges with the various restaurants in this article pinned. This food guide covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a handful of vegetarian & vegan-friendly places to grab a snack in Bruges.

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9 Best Vegetarian Restaurants Bruges

Traditional Belgian cuisine is on the hearty side and anything but vegetarian. Our most famous dishes include Flemish Stew, endives with ham and mussels with a side of fries. The historical center of Bruges is positively littered with restaurants serving just that, and waffles.

While the larger cities such as Brussels and Antwerp had a very wide selection of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, Bruges tended to lag behind. In recent years the city has started a push in a bid to meet the ever-increasing demand for non-meat alternatives.

Fear not, you will not go hungry in Bruges! Fully plant-based restaurants are still a unicorn I am afraid but the overwhelming majority of restaurants do have vegetarian options. Below you will find 9 of my favorite veggie-friendly restaurants – most of which also have vegan options on the menu.

If you are trying to travel a little more conscious, the easiest way is to avoid food waste. Find yourself with leftover food? Simply ask for the omnipresent doggy bag to take the leftovers home.

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Where to find vegetarian food in Bruges Belgium
12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges


12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges

1. That’s Toast

The place for a good old all-day breakfast. I stumbled upon this brunch spot many years ago when I was walking around Bruges in the early hours looking for a good coffee. One of the few restaurants in Bruges that focuses on breakfast/brunch-type foods.

The menu contains a variety of different toasts, ranging from the classic avocado toast to the more exotic K-Pop toast with kimchi and fresh yogurt. Aside from toast, you will find a small selection of granola and savory bowls. I tend to stick to their specialty, which as the name states is toast. The place tends to get very busy, especially on the weekends.

– Fully vegetarian, vegan options available
– Open for Breakfast and lunch

Open daily
No reservations possible

Address: Dweersstraat 4, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

2. Sanseveria Bagelsalon

Probably the coziest place you can have a vegetarian brunch in Bruges. I honestly come here for the vibe and the very friendly service more than anything else.

On the menu, you will find bagels with all sorts of different toppings! For the breakfast bagels, you can choose from savory ingredients (smoked salmon, avocado) as well as a range of sweet toppings (speculoos pasta, chocolate and banana, jam). Lunch bagels tend to be more focused on savory ingredients. Last time I came I had a Misty with baked butternut and avocado.

Aside from bagels Saseveria serves a small selection of breakfast bowls and freshly made salads.

– Fully vegetarian, vegan and Halal options available
– Open for breakfast & lunch
– Open daily

Address: Rue de Vergnies 2, 1050 Bruxelles
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

3. Blackbird

Located slightly off the beaten track in a much quieter part of Bruges. Blackbird is the only fully plant-based breakfast/ brunch bar in Bruges. This little tucked-away restaurant is cozy, chilled out and has a wonderful selection of teas and juices!

On the breakfast menu (served until 14.00) you will find a selection of bowls and toasts for those who are not very hungry and a full-on brunch menu if you are. I am a big fan of the signature Blackbird brunch! The lunch menu (starts at 11.30) has a few extras like bagels and 2 savory bowls.

– Fully plant-based restaurant
– Open for breakfast and lunch
– Closed on Monday

Address: Jan van Eyckplein 7, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

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12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges


12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges

1. Garlic n Greens

After a day spent traipsing around Bruges in the Winter, I felt like a wholesome and hearty meal. Garlic n Greens serves Indian food inspired by traditional homecooked flavors. Living in Brussels, I have yet to find and Indian restaurant that can match the authenticity of Garlic n Greens.

We tried the Dahl Makni, Palak Paneer with Spinach Dahl with a side of naan and polished them all off. Indian food is traditionally shared, so order a variety of dishes. The portions are not huge, we were not super hungry yet easily finished 3 separate dishes.

– Fully vegetarian menu with ample vegan and gluten-free options available
– Open for lunch and dinner

Closed on Monday

Address:  Vlamingstraat 10, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

2. Kaffee Kamiel

Conveniently located in the Zilverpand, which also houses an underground parking, lies the brasserie Kamiel. It is one of the largest restaurants in Bruges on the list and has a very extensive menu ranging from baked goods and smoothie bowls for breakfast to hummus sandwiches and vegan Indian curry for lunch.

We popped into Kaffee Kamiel after a morning spent shopping in town. It’s the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat. The portions are large which is also reflected in the price. In the summer they have a select number of tables outside, which makes for a very cozy setting.

– Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available
– Open for breakfast and lunch
– Closed on Thursday and Sunday

Address: Zilverpand 7, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

3. De Bron

De Bron was one of the first fully vegetarian restaurants in Bruges. Due to it’s limited opening hours I have yet to make it here! A quick browse through social media shows tons a salads and other delicious foods that are prepared using organic ingredients.

UPDATE: The website has been down for a while and at first glance It seems this restaurant only offers the option for takeaway.

– Fully vegetarian menu with vegan options
– Open for lunch

Closed Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

Address: Katelijnestraat 82, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website


Nomad is located alongside a slew of restaurants in ‘t Zand. It adheres to the farm-to-fork (or farm-to-table) principle working alongside local suppliers, using organic ingrediënts as much as possible. Their menu caters to every type of diet with a really solid offering for vegetarians and vegans.

If pancakes for breakfast is what you are after, then Nomad is the place for you (absolutely delicious!) the lunch menu boasts an eclectic mix of dishes including veggie lasagna, vegan quesadilla, and a range of salads. Make sure to keep room for dessert (hello carrot cake!).

– Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available
Farm to Fork & organic
– Open for breakfast and lunch

Closed Sunday

Address:  ‘t Zand 12, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

Vegan Bruges
12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges


12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges

1. Onslow

Onslow is decidedly off the beaten path in the St. Anna District and populated by predominantly local clientele. This restaurant has a super laid-back atmosphere and offers a food-sharing concept e.g. ordering 3 small dishes a person and sharing them like tapas.

It is the perfect spot to enjoy in the summer as they have a nice terrace! The menu is an eclectic mixture of Mediterranean dishes. Come here if you want a drink with a small side to eat, not if you are looking for a large copious meal.

– Vegetarian option available
– Open for dinner; Thursday and Friday also open for lunch
– Closed Saturday & Sunday

Reservation required

Address: Jeruzalemstraat 53, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

2. Amon

After a day of exploring in Bruges, we stumbled upon Amon, a Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Bruges. The restaurant itself is rather spartan and perhaps not the most authentic Lebanese food you have ever tried, but the service is very friendly.

Amon is the spot for you if you are looking for a no-nonsense quick vegetarian-friendly meal that will not break the bank. We tried the falafel wrap, hummus (very good), and a bowl of steaming hot lentil soup (also very tasty).

– Vegetarian & halal options available
– Open for lunch and dinner
– Closed Wednesday and Thursday

Address: Academiestraat 6, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

3 Best Vegetarian Snacks Bruges

1. Otto Waffle Atelier

You might have heard about the Brussels & Liege Waffle when visiting Belgium, but I bet you have never heard about the Bruges Waffle. This relatively new kid on the block is well worth a try, it might just well be one of the best waffles I have eaten!

This beautifully shaped waffle is made with oats and dusted off with a coating of coconut sugar. I prefer mine without any toppings but if you have a sweet tooth try the salted caramel or chocolate topping!

– vegetarian and gluten-free options available
– Open for lunch
– Open daily

Address: Katelijnestraat 1, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

2. Carpe Diem Tea Room & Bakery

Walking out of Minnewater Park in the direction of the historical center, my eye caught a brightly decorated gabled house. This was during Christmas in Bruges and let me tell you they went all out! At first glance, I thought it was a bit of a tourist trap.

Turns out I was wrong! The bakery portion is populated by locals bristling in to get their bread and patisserie, while the tea room is a mix of locals and visitors. As you step inside, it feels like you have walked into a 17th-century living room replete with wooden beams and a blazing fireplace.

You can have a light lunch (I had a salad, my partner a Croque Monsieur) or an afternoon coffee with a little cake.

– Vegetarian options available
– Open for breakfast & lunch

Address: Wijngaardstraat 8, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

3. Old Chocolate House

Old Chocolate House is a family-run chocolatier, with a small tea room on the first floor. You might be wondering why in the world a chocolate house has made its way onto this list as Chocolate is obviously vegetarian and despite what us Belgians might claim, it is not considered a meal.

These guys serve one of the only hot chocolates with plant-based milk in Bruges. Let me tell you, the hot chocolate is an opulent affair! Aside from hot chocolate they serve waffles and little sweet parties, equally divine. The tea room has limited capacity and tends to fill up quickly!

GOOD TO KNOW | The plant-based milk is only available if you order in the upstairs tea room, the takeaway hot chocolate is made with regular milk.

– Vegetarian options available
– Open for lunch

Best hot chocolate in Bruges

Address: Mariastraat 1c, 8000 Brugge
Menu & latest opening hours: Website

Map of Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges

All the above-mentioned places to eat vegetarian food in Bruges have been plotted on Google Maps. Click on the link for a closer view, or have a look at the screenshot below.

Vegetarian Bruges
Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants in Bruges on a map
12 Mouthwatering Vegetarian Restaurants in Bruges


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