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authentic experiences.


Connect with local cultures,
explore vegetarian cuisine and
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Hi there!

Let’s start with
an introduction

My name is Caroline, the person behind the Veggie Wayfarer blog.

My aim with this travel blog is to provide you with the tools to pursue authentic and meaningful travel experiences that allow you to connect to local cultures & local vegetarian cuisine.

Sustainability and sustainable travel are close to my heart. In time, my goal is to provide you with all the tools to allow you to travel in a way that causes the least harm to our planet.


Looking to plan your perfect trip? My in-depth travel guides will satisfy your curiosity for culture, history and adventure. Read on to find out what to do, where to stay, and how to support local tourism in both well-known and lesser-known countries.

Food is linked intricately to the culture and history of a place. For many a traveller it is the highlight of their trip and the perfect time to explore new tastes and customs. Find out about local traditions and vegetarian dishes you will not want to miss.


This section will provide you with information on responsible tourism, sustainable actions you can undertake in your day-to-day and sustainable (fashion) brands. As I expand my knowledge on sustainability, this section will keep on growing to provide you with ample resources.

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