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About me

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About me
About me

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an introduction

Hey there, and welcome! My name is Caroline, I am a self-proclaimed foodie with a love for writing & photography!

As paradoxical as it might sound, travel has always been “home” for me. At the age of 17, fuelled by a passion to explore and boundless curiosity I embarked on my first year-long solo trip to China.

The first three days were utterly terrifying; the thought of going out into the smog-ridden city – jam-packed with people everywhere – was almost too much to bear. Then something clicked, I let go of my expectations and leaned into the experience. It was the best year of my life and taught me the value of cultural immersion.

Many years and 60 countries later, the travel blog Veggie Wayfarer was born. It started off as a side project but my passion for writing and photography soon ensured a plethora of in-depth travel guides (brevity is not my forte) and vegetarian food guides.

Countries I would absolutely recommend to visit are: Iran for architecture & hospitality, Italy for food (a veritable cliché, it’s true) and Belgium for the castles.












The Mission
behind Veggie Wayfarer

Veggie Wayfarer is an award-winning blog with a focus on sustainable, slow travel. 

My mission with this travel blog is to provide you with the tools to pursue authentic and meaningful travel experiences. To allow you to curate your own trips into known & lesser-known parts of the world and most of all to connect with local cultures.

Helping you stumble upon local restaurants to eat a delicious vegetarian meal and finding the coolest locally run accommodations are the cherry on top of the sundae!

As I learn more about sustainability, I will be documenting my journey and adding helpful tips to the sustainability section of this blog. The future goal is to pivot towards sustainable travel, to help you enjoy traveling with a minimal impact on our beautiful planet.

To follow my crazy adventures and many moments of “lost in translation” when trying profusely to communicate with locals, check out my social media account.

AWARDS WON: 2023 Best Belgian Travel Blog; 2023 Best Belgian City Trip Story

About me
About me

Your turn!

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Are you a destination, hotel or product looking to bring your brand story or brand experience to life? Together we can create content that is tailor-made to your strategy!

Learn about the services Veggie Wayfarer can offer you in the work with me section. Or contact me directly via email hello[at]veggiewayfarer.com

About me

My Top Travel Tips

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Wear a smile

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Bring your passport

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Bring a copy of your passport (trust me)

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Carry two credit cards

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Believe in the goodness of people

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Get yourself some packing cubes 

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Be open minded 

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Make local friends

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Never skip a market (it’s always worth it)

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Invest in smaller locally run tours

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