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Spending a night in a castle is a dream for many. Suddenly you are one step closer to living that childhood dreams of becoming a Knight or Princess – at least for a night. These 16 castle hotels in Belgium might have you clicking “book” before you can say “The knights of the round table”.

With well over 3000 castles to visit – a vast amount considering the size of the country – it is no wonder Belgium has some of Europe’s finest castle hotels. Think moats, turrets, and full-fledged drawbridges; Castles in Belgium were built to protect and impress.

Whether you are visiting Belgium or living in the country and are simply on the hunt for a unique place to stay, a night in a castle will prove to be an unparalleled experience.

Still on the hunt for a unique place to visit in Belgium but not entirely where to go. Have a look at these 24 beautiful places in Belgium – castles, parks, historical cities and Trappist Monasteries are but an inkling of what is available!

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Borrekens Castle Belgium

Castle Hotels to Stay in Belgium at a Glance

The choice of unique castle hotels in Belgium can be a little overwhelming. In truth, each and every castle merits a visit. Sadly us modern-day knights and ladies no longer have the time to roam from estate to estate for afternoon tea or a polo match and thus a choice must be made on how we spend our time.

Three Castles Hotels stick out for their exceptional quality, service and overall location. They are my personal top three, the ones I would recommend to both my mum and a perfect stranger.

Kasteel van Ordingen Belgium
Photo Kasteel van Ordingen via booking.com


Kasteel van Ordingen strikes the perfect balance between historical and modern-day luxury. A castle with turrets and strong wifi! Warm and inviting from the very minute you walk in.


Manoir Des Lébioles is located in the region of Spa, historically known for its wellness facilities. With a sauna, hammam and long list of spa treatments, this manor is the perfect place to relax.

Castle hotels in Belgium
Photo Manoir de Lébioles via booking.com
16 Castle Hotels in Belgium
Photo Château de la Chapelle via booking.com


The Château de la Chapelle is a strong advocate for slow and sustainable tourism. Using farm-to-table ingredients in their restaurant. In summer glamping is possible on the castle grounds.

16 Authentic Castles in Belgium to Stay

To help you navigate all the castle hotels in Belgium, I took the liberty of splitting them up into four distinct categories for you.

  • Four castles to stay that have spa facilities
  • Five romantic castles for the perfect couples getaway
  • Three budget-friendly castle hotels are hidden gems to explore Belgium more in-depth
  • Five Belgian castles that you can get to without a car
16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

4 Castles Hotels in Belgium with a Spa

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

Staying in a castle is a truly unique experience, the only thing that might make it even better is an exquisite spa. The below four castle hotels offer a wide array spa treatments & spa facilities, the perfect recipe for a relaxing weekend away in Belgium.

Castle hotels in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Manoir de Lébioles via booking.com

1. Manoir des Lébioles – The Léboiles Manor

Sustainable elements: Locally run, use of seasonal & local produce for the on-site gourmet restaurant
Things to do around Manoir des Lébioles: Visit Spa, drive on Spa-Francorchamps track, visit the Reinhardstein Castle

Dubbed the Versailles of the Ardennes, this sweeping mansion was once built as a home for a Belgian diplomat. These days this castle serves as a boutique hotel containing 16 rooms and surrounded by verdant hills. Aside from an abundant array of spa facilities including hammam, sauna & various treatments on offer, the manor has a gourmet on-site restaurant, horse riding facilities and – should it be required a helicopter landing pad.

Castles in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Kasteel van Ordingen via booking.com

2. Kasteel van Ordingen – The van Ordingen Castle

Sustainable elements: E-bike rental, promotes local producers of the region
Things to do around Kasteel van Ordingen: Visit Bokrijk, visit the Doorkijkerk in Borgloon, explore the C-Mine site in Genk, go shopping in Hasselt

Now this is a castle fit for royalty who love their luxury. Each of the 22 rooms has been tastefully decorated, mastering the fine balance of the historic character of the location with modern-day comforts – think rustic wooden beam ceilings meets a strong wifi signal.

The wellness facilities include a spa and hammam area for guests to enjoy after which they can choose to dine in the gastronomic on-site restaurant. Additional facilities include the rental of a Vespa (not included in the price) and a very lavish breakfast buffet.

Castles in Belgium - Chateau du Vignée
Photo courtesy of Le Château de Vignée via booking.com

3. Château de Vignée – The Vignée Castle

Sustainable elements: Rental of bikes/mountain bikes, use of ingredients grown in the greenhouse on-site, spa uses environmentally friendly products.
Things to do around Château de Vignée: Hiking in Rochefort, bike/mountain bike on the routes surrounding the castle, the caves of Hanes

The castle hotel in Belgium to go to when you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of life, each element of the hotel is catered towards slowing down, to relax. Nestled deep inside the Ardennes, surrounded by rolling hills and forested woodlands the hotel offers the perfect escape.

Take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool, relax in the hammam or the Finish sauna with views over the river Lesse. A host of beauty treatments and massages are available (booking in advance required).

Castles in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Domaine de Ronchinne via booking.com

4. Domaine de Ronchinne – Château et Ecuries – Ronchinne Castle and Stables

Sustainable elements: Rental of bicycles, vineyards, outdoor picnic area serving local tartiflettes
Things to do around Domain de Ronchinne: Visit Dinant, visit Namur, explore Vêves, Walzin or Frëyt castle, go for an abbey beer tasting in the Maredsous Abbey

A 42-hectare estate that holds one of the most beautiful castle hotels in Belgium. Guests can choose for a room in the castle itself or the exquisitely renovated (former) stables. The grounds offer a multitude of different activities great for young and old: Various sports courts, an outdoor swimming pool, a vineyard, where visitors can come to harvest wine in autumn, are but a few.

The spa facilities include a beautiful sauna, hammam, and indoor pool.

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

5 Most Romantic Castles to stay in Belgium

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

Castles have always evoked in me a sense of romance: Secret love affairs, stealthy kisses shared between sweethearts, gurgling laughter of couples frolicking through the castle grounds and perhaps even the heartbreak of unrequited love. It must be all the period dramas I watched growing up – a guilty pleasure I still love to indulge in now and then.

Now, these five Belgian castles below will woe even the most stoic hero or heroin. They ooze old-school romance out of every door handle, plush mattress, and gourmet plate to pass through your hands.

Chateau in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Le Château de Mirwart via booking.com

5. Château de Mirwart – The Mirwart Castle

Sustainable elements: Use of local & seasonal produce in the on-site restaurant
Things to do around Château de Mirwart: Visit the village of Mirwart, explore the Han caves, horse riding in the nearby village, hike the signposted routes in the Saint Hubert Forest.

This romantic castle has been in Belgium since the 8th century, reportedly built by ancestors of none other than Charlemagne. Over the centuries it has been home to many well-known historical figures: Godfrey of Bouillon, the Dukes of Burgundy, and Leopold I, King of Belgium.

Nowadays the boutique hotel is open to 66 guests who can choose to sleep in the castle itself, one of the cozy family cottages on the domain, or even in the former defensive tower (Tour de Dinant). Various activities are organized throughout the year including hot air balloon rides and a masked ball.

Unique places to stay in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Martin’s Château Du Lac via booking.com

6. Martin’s Château Du Lac – Martin’s Lake Castle

Sustainable elements: Holder of EMAS-certificate, CO2 compensation, support of humanitarian projects
Things to do around Martin’s Château Du Lac: Hike around the Lake (3km), explore Brussels, climb up the Waterloo monument at sunset

A romantic walk around the lake, followed by a candlelit dinner with sweeping views in your very own castle, it does not get much better than this! Or does it? In addition to the unbeatable location, the Château Du Lac has an extensive spa and an impressive range of treatments available for their guests (pre-booking required).

Located a mere 30 minutes from Brussels, this castle hotel is the perfect romantic escape for couples looking for a quick getaway!

Romantic castles to stay in Belgium - Duras Castle
Photo courtesy of Kasteel Duras via booking.com

7. Kasteel Duras – The Duras Castle

Sustainable elements: Bikes available, vineyard and orchard on-site
Things to do around The Duras Castle: Visit the Japanese Garden in Hasselt, take a trip to Mechelen, ride a bike through the water in Bokrijk, and learn about the mines in Belgium at the C-mine site.

The Duras Castle is privately owned by a count and his family, who still live on the premises. Staying in the castle is possible, though only for a select amount of people at a time – with only two rooms available your stay is sure to be virtually uninterrupted. Perfect for couples looking for an intimate & romantic getaway in Belgium.

The castle grounds contain a vineyard, ancient water mill, romantic lake, and an orchard – which blossoms beautifully in spring. A short walk from the castle takes you to a local brewery where you can taste local Belgian beers such as locally distilled rum and gin.

Castle hotel in Belgium - Landgoed Altenbroeck
Photo courtesy of Landgoed Altenbroeck via booking.com

8. Landgoed Altenbroeck – The Altenbroeck Estate

Sustainable elements: Water from natural springs, use of local ingredients for the on-site restaurant
Things to do around Landgoed Altenbroeck: Visit the Japanese Garden in Hasselt, explore the Alden Biesen Castle, hike in the Voer region, drive to Germany (Aachen).

The Landgoed Altenbroeck is a castle farm dating back to the 14th century. Unlike the more traditional Belgian castle hotels, there are no turrets, drawbridges or – sadly – moats to be found on the estate. Instead, a stately home with an intimate set of 13 luxury rooms, surrounded by 20 hectares of lush gardens awaits you.

Lovers of hiking, cycling, and shopping – Maasmechelen village outlet is just around the corner – will love staying in Landgoed Altenbroeck.

Castle hotels in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Le Château Morreau via booking.com

9. Château Morreau – The Morreau Castle

Sustainable elements: Pick-up is available from the train station Graide, mountain bikes for rent
Things to do around Morreau Castle: Visit quaint Bouillon, explore Namur, hike Le Tombeau de Géant, take a daytrip to France (Lille).

An 18th-century castle complete with a castle ghost, grand dining hall, opulent library, and authentic knight’s hall. Walking into the castle feels ever so slightly like a journey back through time. The carefully decorated rooms and communal areas are filled with authentic furniture, sumptuous chandeliers, and thick carpets. Truly one of the most genuine castles to stay in Belgium.

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

3 Affordable Castle Hotels in Belgium

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

While it is true that generally speaking staying in a castle is not the most budget-friendly accommodation in Belgium, not all of them will necessarily break the bank. The below three castles offer a unique experience at an affordable price.

Castles to stay in Belgium - Chateau Lambert
Photo courtesy of Le Château Lambert via booking.com

10. Château Lambert – The Lambert Castle

Sustainable elements: Support local suppliers in the region, locally brewed beer (on-site)
Things to do around Lambert Castle: Visit Charleroi, learn about the mining history in Bois du Cazier, hike the 22km Boucle Noire loop.

A rustic mansion with a lot of charm run by friendly locals. The Lambert Castle is perfect for travelers who are a fan of the B&B experience. Stepping into the castle will feel like moving through time, you are instantly greeted by an eclectic mix of 19th-century furniture that – not unlike the house – has lived through plenty of history.

The large outside space is perfect for a family picnic or barbeque (facilities for a barbeque are on-site). Work off the picnic by undertaking one of the many hikes the area is known for. The castle is both family and pet-friendly

Kasteel Pietersheim Belgium
Photo courtesy of Kasteel Pietersheim via booking.com

11. Kasteel Pietersheim – Pietersheim Castle

Sustainable elements: Bike rides and walks around the domain
Things to do around Pietersheim Castle: Day trip to the Netherlands, Waterburcht Pietersheim with a 16th-century chapel, hiking in Connecterra, explore Bokrijk, walk in the Lommelse Sahara

Pietersheim Castle is a small boutique castle hotel with 15 rooms nestled in the verdant Domein Pietersheim. The surrounding area is popular with hikers and cyclists, maps for both activities are available upon request.

Please note: The location is a very popular spot for weddings and other events. Summer months tend to be fully booked many months in advance.

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Le Château de la Chapelle via booking.com

12. Château de la Chapelle – The Chapelle Castle

Sustainable elements: Organic & seasonal ingredients, use of natural materials, farm to plate
Things to do around Chapelle Castle: Bird watching

If you are hunting for a castle to stay in in Belgium where the values of slow tourism and sustainability are deeply engrained, the Chapelle Castle fits the bill. This 13th-century castle is surrounded by a verdant forest in which bird-watching, hiking, and bike rides are all readily available.

The hotel has an on-site restaurant that works according to the principles of farm-to-plate, working closely together with farms from the local commune to source produce. During the summer months, luxury tents are pitched on the grounds of the castle, during these months guests can choose to either book a night in the hotel or to sleep under the stars (glamping in the tents).

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

4 Castles to stay in Belgium
reachable with public transportation

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

As a general rule, the castles in Belgium tend to have been built in remote areas. Often not very accessible by public transport, at least not without considerable time and effort.

The more eco-conscious 21st-century aspiring lords and ladies might be interested in these four castle hotels that do not require a horse and carriage (or the modern-day equivalent, a car) to reach.

Chateau de Namur
Photo courtesy of Namur Tourism Office

13. Le Château de Namur – Namur Castle

Sustainable elements: Reachable by train (Namur Station)
Things to do around Namur Castle: Go kayaking in Dinant, explore Namur, hike between Vêves and Walzin Castle (16 km).

The road to the transformation from private castle to hotel was rickety for the Namur Castle. Under the watchful eye of King Leopold I the castle was inaugurated as the “Grand Hotel” in the late 19th century, yet due to run-down amenities (cold water and no elevator) followed by WWI and WWII, it was not until the 1930s that guests started regularly frequenting this castle hotel.

Today the hotel has 29 beautiful rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a large terrace with a bar. The hotel is ideally located a mere 150 meters from the Citadel of Namur and a comfortable 3 km from the Namur station

Castles in Belgium
Photo courtesy of The Duke’s Palace via booking.com

14. Hotel Duke’s Palace

Sustainable elements: Reachable by train (Brugge Station)
Things to do around The Duke’s Palace: Visit Bruges, take a trip to the Belgian coast.

A 15th-century former ducal palace with an absolute stellar location, a mere 5-minute walk from the main square of Bruges. As the doors to the palace open, and you catch a glimpse of the unique historic frescoes and glittering chandeliers it soon becomes clear why the hotel has a 5-star rating.

While a little larger than the average castle hotel in Belgium (110 rooms & suites), the exquisite decoration, friendly staff and opulent spa facilities will ensure your stay is more than comfortable.

Castles in Belgium
Photo courtesy of 1898 The Post via booking.com

15. 1898 The Post

Sustainable elements: Reachable by train (Gent-Sint-Pieters Station)
Things to do around 1898 Post The Post: Visit Gent or take a day trip to Bruges

Technically not a real Belgian castle, 1898 The Post is located in the former post office of Gent (hence the name). Though for all intensive purposes (turrets, strategic location, and lavish interior) the building could very well pass for a castle. The post must have been very serious business back in the day.

Inside the historical building, 38 expertly decorated rooms with views over the prettiest part of Ghent share the floor space with a cocktail bar – The Cobbler
– and a warm communal area (with blazing fireplace) serving American-style breakfast and afternoon tea.

Unique places to stay in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage via booking.com

16. Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage

Sustainable elements: Reachable by train (Brugge Station), Green Key Certificate
Things to do around The Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage: Visit Bruges, take a day trip to Gent or Antwerp

This 19th-century magnificent mansion was once built as a private home. Over the years it changed owners repeatedly before finding its true calling: Boutique hotel in the heart of Bruges. With just 22 rooms, the little château is wonderfully cozy and very romantic not to mention within walking distance of the main attractions in Bruges.

Guest can enjoy the spa facilities the hotel has on offer, dine in the on-site gourmet restaurant or head up to the top floor of the hotel from which unbeatable views over the famous historical center of Bruges can be taken in.

Map of Castles to Stay in Belgium

The various castle hotels are spread out across Belgium. In the map below you will find all the hotels that are covered in this guide plotted on the map of Belgium. If you click this interactive Google Map you can take a closer peek.

The interactive map also contains a select few places in Belgium you might want to visit during your stay in your castle of choice.

16 Castle Hotels in Belgium
16 Castle Hotels in Belgium

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Castle Hotels in Belgium: Save It
16 Castle Hotels in Belgium
16 Castle Hotels in Belgium


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