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There are but a handful of dishes that you can serve – and eat- at pretty much any occasion and at every time of the day. Pizza is at the top of that very short list! If it were up to me, pizza would be on the menu breakfast, lunch, dinner and perhaps as a snack too on a good day. With the help of a few local specialists, I put together a list of 10 places where you can get the best pizza in Brussels.

It seems I am not the only one with a deep love for pizza. In fact, it is probably the single most served dish on the planet (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration to emphasise my point). There are a wide-variety of different interpretations on this traditional Italian dish: Chicago is home to the deep-dish pizza, Japan has a mouth-watering Okonomiyaki and Iranians swear by copious amounts of ketchup on their pizza.

I am not ashamed to admit that when it comes to pizza, I am a traditionalist. In my opinion the best pizza is still the one eaten in a small, family run pizzeria in Italy where they serve no nonsense Margherita and do not even contemplate to possibility of adding pineapple as a topping.

As jumping on a plane every time the craving for pizza strikes would bankrupt me within the week, I figured it was time to hunt for a suitable alternative right here in Belgium. And thus the list of best pizza in Brussels was born.

The below list contains the outcome of the search for this best pizza in Brussels. It was curated with the help of some Italian friends living in Brussels as well as a deep dive by yours truly into the various pizzerias in Brussels for some field research. The list is good, but what is even better is the quality of the pizza served by these pizzerias. When that slice of baked dough with piping hot topping touches your lips, you will be transported straight to Italy and forget all about the fact you are actually in a pizzeria in Brussels.

These pizzerias all cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza lovers. At the time of writing (2020) the pizzerias did not have vegan options. You might have to pop on a train to London to try their mouth watering vegan pizza selection!

Pizza in Brussels
Authentic style pizza

Can I get pizza in Brussels?

There are an estimated 33.000 Italians living in Brussels, in fact 13% of all expats living in the city are Italian according to Brussels Express. With this data in mind, I started searching the internet for pizzerias in Brussels and guess what … a quick search on Tripadvisor informed me there were no less than 221 venues that serve pizza in Brussels (or at least items on the menu that can pass for pizza.

As tempting as it was to go out and try all 221 pizzerias in Brussels, realistically speaking it would take me a solid couple of months to get through all of them. I deepened my search and found an objective source to get me started!

Each year the well-known 50 Top Pizza publishes two separate lists of the best pizzas currently in Europe. The first list is reserved solely for Italy, the second one is for all European countries except Italy

The European top 50 contains no less than three Belgian entries: two of which are located in Brussels!

Should you not want to run through the full list -though if you are a pizza lover I would bookmark the webpage because you never know when it can come in handy- here are the two places that made the list of best pizza in Brussels.

La pizza e’ bella came in spot number 5 and is thus crowned  best pizzeria in Brussels. The second best pizza in Brussels can be found in La Piola which is ranked is spot number 30 and also snagged the prize for Best Takeaway service 2020.

Authentic Pizzeria Brussels
Wood burn oven pizza

Top 10 places for the best pizza in Brussels

1. La pizza e’bella Brussels

This pizzeria serves the best pizza in Brussels. Their pizza is Neapolitan style, cooked over a wood-fire oven. The menu holds both classics and more gourmet-style pizza which will wet your pallet for sure. The ingredients are sourced straight from local producers in Campania, Italy.  Accompany your pizza by a delicious Italian craft beer!

Practical Details
Lebeaustraat 75
1000 Brussel Belgium

Tel: +32 2 512 01 70
Menu: Find out what is cooking

2. La Piola Brussels

La Piola serves authentic Neapolitan style pizza in the heart of Brussels. The restaurant prides itself in serving light and fluffy crusted pizza. On the menu you will find both traditional and less traditional flavors of pizza cooked over wood fire. Make sure tot pop by or try their takeout service if you are looking to enjoy one of the best pizzas in brussels.

Practical Details
Sint-Joostplein 8
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node Belgium

Tel: +32 2 465 02 15
Menu: Be sure to check out what is available here

3. Paola’s idea

Paola’s sources products straight from the province of Naples – from the creamy Buflonne mozzarella to the crunchy taralli – ensuring a pure and authentic taste of Italy appears straight on your place.

The restaurant opened in 2001 and received the title of ‘Best Neapolitan Cuisine Abroad’ from the Italian Academy of Cuisine. The team started by focussing on Neapolitan dishes and gourmet ciabattas and saw an unprecedented success. In 2015 pizza was added to the menu and since then it has been one of the locations that offers the best pizza in Brussels.

Practical Details
Avenue d’Auderghem 48
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 280 28 00
Menu: Everything you need to know can be found here

4. Saco Brussels

Traditional Neopolitan pizza made over a wood burn oven. Ingredients are sourced from local producers in Italy. Another very good choice if you are looking for authentic and great pizza in Brussel.

Practical Details
Avenue Milcamps 154
1030 Bruxelles Belgium

Tel: +32 2 465 02 15
Menu: Find our favorite pizza here

5. Cocina Belgium

Cocina boasts a large menu filled with delicious aperitivi and scrumptious pizza. Wash it down with one of their careful selection of wines or Italian cocktails.

The pizzas are Neapolitan style, cooked on a wood fire and created with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Try one of the traditional pizzas or spice it up with some of their more original recipes. Gluten free options are available.

If you happen to come in over lunch, make sure to try the lunch menu. If dinner is when you pop in, make sure to enjoy a leisurly aperitivo before diving into a crunchy pizza.

Practical Details
Rue Lesbroussart, 16
1050 Ixelles Belgium

Menu: Come check it out here

best pizza in Brussels
Nothing beats a good pizza

6. La Bottega della Pizza

La Bottega delle Pizza is a traditional Italian pizzeria. The restaurant opened in 2012 and has won numerous awards including the “Best Pizza Maker” in Belgium by Foodprint in 2013.

Pizzas are made over a wood oven and with the utmost respect for the ingredients making it a worthy addition to this list of best pizza in Brussels.

Practical Details
Ducpétiauxlaan 39
1060 Brussel Belgium

Tel:  +32 487 78 00 52
Menu: Find your favorite pizza here

7. Educazione Napoletana

The pizzeria has two locations, one in Ixelles and the other in Anderlecht. The restaurants use fresh products cook according the typical Neapolitan style of pizza cooking over a wood burn fire.

Practical Details
Avenue Louis lepoutre 6
1050 Ixelles Belgium

Boulevard Prince de Liège 79
1070 Anderlecht Belgium

Tel:  +32 2 24 51 540 or +32 2 32 70 316
Menu: Check out the possibilities here

8. PastaMadre

Now this is the place to be if you are a fan of pizza and craft beer. The restaurant serves pizza made out of natural sourdough created with the yeast from the Cantillon brewery garnished with the best Belgian and Italian ingredients. The restaurants boasts a beautifully sunny terrace.

Practical Details
Place Rouppe 10
1000 Bruxelles Belgium

Tel+32 468 36 28 82
Menu: Find out what is on the menu here 

9. Nona

Nona uses organic Belgian ingredients which they source from family run farms. The menu changes seasonally as it follows the ingredients grown on the local farm. Every single ingredient is grown on those farms, right down to the herbs used to garnish those delicious pizzas. Make sure to stop by here if you are in the neighbourhood and craving one of the best pizza in Brussels.

Practical Details
Sint-Katelijnestraat 17-19
1000 Bruxelles Belgium

Tervuerenlaan 5
1040 Etterbeek Belgium

Menu: Find out what is cooking here 

10. Posto al Sole Brussels

Authentic Napoleatan pizza, a central location and a great terrace make this a wonderful restaurant to savor one of the best pizzas in Brussels. Make sure to accompany your meal with one of the many wines or beers or finish off your meal with a Limoncello.

Practical Details
Vorstse Steenweg 122
1060 Sint-Gillis Belgium

Tel: +32 484 70 89 58
Menu: An overview of what is on the menu here

Now all you have to do is get your butt out the door and go and try these delicious pizzerias. Alternatively, you can also order your favorite pizza in! You could even order from a couple of pizzerias and compare them, nobody would ever know!

Buon Appetito! Let me know which one is the ultimate best pizza in Brussels for you.

Looking for inspiration on vegetarian Italian dishes? Have a look here to find an overview of regional Italian specialities.

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