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An outdoor adventurer’s paradise, the Dolomites are a natural wonder that has been taking our breath away since the beginning of civilization in the region. Where to stay in the Dolomites can be a bit daunting, sit tight as we run through nine of the region’s best areas to stay as well as a variety of sustainable hotels to choose from!

There is plenty to see and do in the Northern Italian region of the Dolomites, from hiking in the summer to skiing in the winter, every season brings about a new set of bucket-list-worthy activities. This region holds some of the most breathtaking natural attractions in Italy. The choice of where to stay on your trip to the Dolomites is therefore not one to take lightly.

Families with kids will love Val Pusteria, while first-time visitors will want to enjoy everything Valle d’Adige has on offer. This guide runs you through 7 great areas for a summer visit and 2 areas in the Dolomites that are fabulous for winter. As is customary for all my accommodation guides, the recommended hotels are all sustainable and mostly locally run.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you). Learn more.

Best area to stay in the Dolomites
Lake Misurina is a wonderful area to stay in the Dolomites

Areas to Stay in the Dolomites Quick Guide

Short on time and looking for a quick summary to get you started? Well, here you have it! This matrix tells you exactly which areas to stay in the Dolomites, who & what the area is best suited for and gives you one recommended hotel.

Tip: Click on the name of the area (e.g. Val Pusteria, Valle Isarco,…) to jump to the relevant section in this article covering that area in depth.

Val Pusteria
Families with KidsHotel Gassenwirt
Valle Isarco
Val D’Adige
First-time visitorsVigilius
Valle d’Ega
Via Ferrata hikesHotel Rosengarten
Val Gardena
Travelers without a carResidence Altea
Cortina d’ampezzo
Hiking enthusiastsHotel Panda Cortina
Lago di Garda
Culture & MarketsResidence Verdeblu
Val di Rabbi
Winter activitiesChalet Val Di Rabbi
Val Rendena
SkiingPimont Alpine Chalet

 7 Places to Stay in the Dolomites During Summer

It’s difficult to pick a bad time of year to go to the Dolomites since the different seasons offer so many different activities and each season is a new experience. But summer in The Dolomites really does hit differently. 

Lounging in outdoor terraces of the town square cafes with views towards the towering peaks, strolling through the green meadows without a cloud in the sky, long daylight hours, and late sunsets. It’s not what most people think of when they imagine their time in Italy but in some ways, it’s even better.

So no matter what type of traveler you are, if you’re looking for a luxury hotel, if you’re traveling with your kids, or you’re looking for an affordable BnB, there is going to be something for everyone

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Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

1. Val Pusteria & Alta Pusteria – Best area to stay in the Dolomites with kids

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels
Lago di Braies in Dolomites Italy

German name: Pustertal
Location: Val Pusteria extends from Rio di Pusteria to Lienz in East Tyrol and parallels the Drava and Rienza rivers.
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay in Val Pusteria

This southern area of the Dolomites is a serene corner of the region with gently rolling slopes and flatlands that look towards the rocky peaks in the distance. This is one of the most (if not the most) popular districts in the region. 

Val Pusteria is filled with easy nature trails, lakes perfect for swimming in, wildlife to watch, and plenty of safe nature areas where parents can relax easily while their kids frolic in the fields. It is also home to the most famous lake in the Dolomites, Lago di Braies and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Where to stay in Val Pusteria

Naturhotel Leitlhof
Naturhotel Leitlhof image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Leitlehof ($$)

If you’re looking to take a sustainable trip to The Dolomites then you will fall in love with Leitlehof Hotel. This Green Hotel is heavily rooted in the area with local employees, locally sourced food, and a common passion for sustainable tourism. Located 10 minutes away from Lago di Braies.

Hotel Gassenwirt ($) Connect in true Dolomitian fashion at this family-run hotel. Specializing in hospitality since 1602, Gassenwirt is not just a quaint rural hotel but also provides a gastronomic experience with particular attention to fresh ingredients and regionality. While you’re here, take a tour of their on-site flour mill, the Herb garden, and the pine oil distillery. Check Rates

Hotel Rosengarten ($) This family-run hotel will greet you as a guest but will have you leaving with the feeling that you’re family. This quaint and cozy hotel pays particular attention to detail in hopes that you will feel right at home. The hotel is happy to help you plan your activities around the Dolomites to create the most unforgettable stay. This property also offers an electric car charger. Check Rates

Fontis Eco Farm & Suites ($$$) This luxury spa hotel is sure to make your jaw drop with its incredible modern design set against the dramatic limestone cliffs in the background.
This hotel is the perfect place to allow your worries to slip away and get back in tune with nature through natural wellness techniques and spa services. Check Rates

Valserhof ($$$) Wellness, leisure, and eco-friendly tourism are at the heart and soul of this 4-star hotel. This hotel offers an air of fresh Alpine essence met with purity and elegance. The hotel offers an extensive wine collection (complete with tastings), elegant yet minimalist rooms and suites, and a sleek sustainable design engrained throughout the property. They also have an electric car charger for those who are traveling by eclectic vehicle. Check Rates & availabilities.

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

2. Valle Isarco – Where to stay in the Dolomites for couples

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

German name: Eisacktal Valley
Location: The valley of the Eisack river stretches from the Brenner Pass (South) to the confluence with the Adige in Bolzano.
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay in Valle Isarco

Valle Isarco is located not too far away from Val Pusteria in South Tyrol, as well. You may recognize that one of the most iconic Dolomite views is actually taken from Valle Isarco, from Eisacktal. 

The famous impossibly jagged peaks with the rolling green hills in the foreground are met by a quaint chapel and the perfect Alpine village (Villnöss). Who wouldn’t want to stay here, this is essentially the essence of romance.

Where to stay in Valle Isarco

Taubers Unterwirt Aktiv & Vitalhotel
Taubers Unterwirt Aktiv & Vitalhotel image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Taubers Unterwirt Aktiv & Vitalhotel ($$)

This dreamy spot thrives off of guest wellbeing and does everything in its power to make sure the guest truly experience their best selves at their property. The hotel offers luxury rooms and suites but also offers weekly activity plans that encourage you to get out, be active, and socialize with fellow guests.

Vintlerhof ($) This resort is all about family. Bring the kids and prepare for a family vacation that the kiddos will never forget. Complete with family nature programs, kids clubs, and a weekly program for kids of all ages. The resort may be family-friendly but there is plenty for the parents to enjoy as well with a premium spa and babysitting services. Check rates

Forestis ($$$) Positioned as a mindful retreat in nature, Forestis brings luxury back to the natural elements. This hotel’s particular sleek and clean design leaves plenty of space for positive energy to take flight. This hotel is a work of art and encourages guests to get in touch with their roots. Literally. Foresitis encourages the socially responsible traveler to embrace meditative tendencies through spa and wellness treatments and revel in the cuisine of the surrounding forest in their gastronomic experience. Check rates and availability.

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

3. Val D’Adige – Great place to stay for first-time visitors to the Dolomites

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

German name: Etschtal Valley
Location: The alpine valley of the Adige river which stretches from Merano to Bolzano and from Salorno to Rovereto.
Things to do: Tourism website

Why stay in Val D’Adige

If it’s your first time visiting The Dolomites then you need to be in the center of all the outdoor action. Especially in the summertime, there are endless opportunities for hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, and just taking in the natural beauty of the Dolomites.

Where to stay in Val D’Adige

Vigilius Mountain Resort
Vigilius Mountain Resort image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Vigilius ($$$)

Imagine taking a cable car to your hotel in the Dolomites. Well at Vigilius Mountain Resort, that is literally the only way you can actually get there. This hotel is so back to nature that they even offer a digital detox space so you can truly escape into a world of nature and eco travel.

Biorefugium Theiner’s Garten ($$$) Ready to get your health in check during your holiday? Many people would not expect to go on vacation and actually get healthier but this is what Biorefugium Theiner’s Garten thrives off of. Complete with a comprehensive health check, personalized skincare products, and an in-house, all-natural cosmetic line. Check rates

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

4. Valle d’Ega – Best area for Via Ferrata hikes

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

German name: Eggental
Location: Between the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay in Valle d’Ega

In Eggental Valley, or Valle d’Ega, you will be presented with dozens of hiking and climbing opportunities. For those who are traveling to this region, especially for rock climbing, there is no better place to stay than right here in the heart of the action, and the protected climbing routes.

Where to stay in Valle d’Ega

Hotel Pfösl
Hotel Pfösl image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Pfoesl ($$$)

Kick back and relax at this serene nature hotel. Pfoesl brings the outdoors indoors with this naturally Scandinavian minimalist interior and exterior design. The hotel also boasts an impressive infinity pool and wellness center. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the spa, amongst the trees of the forest will truly put you at peace and ultimate zen when you enjoy treatments here.

Hotel Rosengarten ($$$) If you want to escape to a medium-sized hotel where you can dive into the pleasures of a wine bar, fine dining, and all of the fine hotel amenities, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Hotel Rosengarten. This hotel boasts elegance while still encouraging adventure and leisure. The hotel hosts just 38 rooms but offers all of the amenities of a larger resort. Check rates

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

5. Val Gardena – The best place to stay in the Dolomites without a car

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

German name: Gröden
Location: Includes the villages of Ortisei, Selva Val Gardena, S. Cristina
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay in Val Gardena

Val Gardena is the central hub of mountain sports in the Dolomites. But, it is also one of the largest cozy towns in the region. This town is quite literally the epitome of an Alpine village and is so incredibly picturesque that you better make some room in your phone storage to prepare to take hundreds of photos. 

In Val Gardena, walk around, visit the local chapels, admire the works of the local woodworking artisans, and enjoy some traditional regional food.

Where to stay in Val Gardena

Das Biorefugium Theiner’s Garten
Das Biorefugium Theiner’s Garten image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Theinersgarten ($$)

Imagine walking into a resort and wafting in the scent of fresh pine before you’re whisked away to one of the four on-site gardens to enjoy the natural serenity. This is what you can expect to experience at Theinersgarten. Enjoy the plush green lawn in the summertime but by the outdoor pool and the smell of fresh fruit trees. You will be in sensory overload, in the best way possible.

Residence Altea ($$) This newly built centrally located hotel is perfect for those that want to stay close to the town center of Ortisei. This hotel offers self-catering apartments in the Dolomites which is rarer than you might expect. Come back and relax in your own space complete with a kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom at the end of a long day of exploring, and enjoy the premium interior design details. Check rates

Mea Via ($$$)  Stay at a Mea Via and you will have this opportunity to stay at a Slow Farm Hotel. Mea Via is deeply dedicated to the conservation of the local land, using traditional farming techniques, and the health of their local animals. This hotel will truly re-introduce you to tradition and have you appreciating a slower pace of travel in a highly sustainable manner. Check rates

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

6. Cortina d’ampezzo – Where to stay in the Dolomites as a hiker

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

German name: Hayden
Location: In the Ampezzo Valley – 2 hours North of Venice.
Things to do: Tourism website

Why stay in Cortina d’ampezzo

Corinta d’Ampezzo is filled with adventure. Maybe you’ve been here before in the wintertime to ski, but in the summer, this turns into a hiker’s paradise. Beautifully carved out trails, hikes of varying degrees of difficulty, and a dramatic scene set in a 360-degree view all around you. This is why you came to the Dolomites.

Hotel recommendations in Cortina d’ampezzo

Hotel Panda Cortina- ricarica auto elettriche
Hotel Panda Cortina image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Hotel Panda Cortina ($)

Hotel Panda is the epitome of an adorable mountain lodge. This family-run hotel welcomes trekkers and lackadaisical tourists alike and treats everyone like family. Their large sunny rooms will welcome you, and will even welcome your pets at this pet-friendly hotel. They also have an electric car charging station, since they do love the eco-friendly cars in this sustainable paradise!

B&B Hotel Passo Tre Croci Cortina ($$) Although B&B is in the name of this hotel, prepare to be surprised by this 124-room lodge-style hotel set amongst the hills. This hotel is perfectly positioned to be the optimal jumping-off point for a few of the popular trails in the area, as well as the famous Monte Ciasa Dio e Tonde de Faloria cable car. Check rates

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

7. Lago di Garda – The best place to stay near the Dolomites

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

Location: Riva del Garda on the Northern shore of Lago di Garda
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay around Lago di Garda

If you want the best of the Dolomites in all aspects, then you need to consider staying near Lake Garda in Riva del Garda. This city-town is breathtakingly beautiful with its Venetian-style architecture met by a turquoise blue lake and steep tower cliffs.

Lake Garda is perfect for a couple’s romantic getaway, for families, for adventure seekers, and even for the budget traveler. Couples can wander along the promenade, go for a romantic boat ride, and dine in fine restaurants overlooking the view.

Families can bring their kids for a day of swimming and sunbathing by the lake met with an evening of pasta and gelato. Adventure seekers can partake in watersports on the lake or hike the surrounding mountains.

And budget travelers can stay a few nights in the town’s local hostel for a few nights and explore the town on foot.

Where to stay near the Dolomites in Lago di Garda

Eco Hotel Ariston
Eco Hotel Ariston image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Eco Hotel Ariston ($)

This family-run hotel has an incredible view over Lake Garda and some of the town’s oldest waterfront structures and the Scaligeri Castle. This is surely a view you will not get tired of any time soon! This eco-hotel brings the best sustainable practices and the essence of the Dolomite sustainable culture, right to the heart of Lake Garda. This hotel is within ideal proximity to a few trailheads, as well as the old town center.

Residence Verdeblu ($) No don’t worry, you haven’t somehow managed to teleport to Palm Springs, California. You are still in the Dolomites but this hotel will sure make you blink twice.  Palm Trees in the Dolomites? Seems unlikely huh? Well, this hotel offers a charming and very private experience for those that are looking for something completely unique and uncommon to the local area. Check rates

epOche Hotel Zanella ($$): Enjoy your Italian holiday complete with staying in a beautiful yet affordable 3-star hotel, with its very own private beach on Lake Garda. This hotel is family-run and in true Dolomite fashion, offers a gastronomic experience with all organic ingredients. This hotel caters to all kinds of travelers whether they are bringing their family with them or not. The hotel offers incredible suggestions for local hikes, vineyard walks, and family activities, and also hosts an inviting swimming pool perfect for cooling down on the hot summer days. Check rates

Best Places to Stay in the Dolomites During Winter

While we’re talking about how amazing the Dolomites are in summer, it really can’t go without mentioning how incredible they also are in the wintertime. A region packed with skiing, cozy lodges, and snowy peaks, you will just have to visit the Dolomites in summer and in winter to see which one you prefer, because they are both pretty darn magical.

Traveling to the Dolomites in Winter: November 15th to April 15h you are required to have the appropriate winter tires (or snow chains) on your car. Read the latest requirements on the official website of the region.

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

Val di Rabbi (Stevia National Park)

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels
Val di Rabbi in the Dolomites Italy

German name: Val di Rabbi
Location: Stelvio National Park
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay in Val di Rabbi

This region of the Dolomites in the winter looks like something out of a children’s storybook. This is an excellent place to stay to spot wildlife, snowshoe through white powdery pastures, and find some incredible skiing.

Where to stay in Val di Rabbi

Alpen Hotel Rabbi
Alpen Hotel Rabbi image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Chalet Val Di Rabbi ($)

This little ski chalet is a perfect cozy vibe for those looking for an affordable option on their ski holiday. The building itself is very traditional and the rooms are decorated in an Alpine fashion. The chalet also offers a heated ski room, a jacuzzi, and a private ski bus. Essentially all the amenities of an expensive ski lodge for a fraction of the price.

Hotel Terme Di Rabbi ($$) This 52-room hotel is another affordable option for those looking for a centrally-based hotel that won’t break the bank in this region. Hotel Terme Di Rabbi is located directly next to the Spa of Val di Rabbi which is an Alpine spa with suggested healing waters. The hotel is directly next door and is a great place to stay if you will be visiting the spa. Check rates

Nidaris ($$$) Or maybe you want to step your vacation up a notch and stay in your very own spa suite. Nidaris hotel oozes romance and serenity in this alpine setting, and there really is no better time to visit this hotel than in the heart of the cozy winter months. Can you imagine a better way to spend your evening after skiing than with a soak in your personal spa bath, sweat in the sauna, topped off with a glass of wine in your personal outdoor jacuzzi? Check rates & availability

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

Val Rendena – Go skiing without the crowds

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels

German name: Randetal
Location: Valley of the Sarca river in Trentino
Things to do: Official tourism website

Why stay in Val Rendena

This incredible region hosts some of the Dolomites’ more premiere skiing but is actually not as popular as some of the other ski districts. This small district will feel like your own private ski resort town and will offer some of the best views from the tops of the slopes.

Where to Stay in Val Rendena

Campiglio Bellavista
Campiglio Bellavista image courtesy of Booking.com

RECOMMENDED: Campiglio Bellavista ($$)

This adorable lodge is the perfect definition of not too much but not too little. Campiglio Bellavista is directly across from one of the main ski slopes in the town of Madonna di Campiglio making this a super accessible hotel. The hotel is cozy and quaint yet still offers a jacuzzi spa area, traditional gourmet food, and sustainable practices.

Pimont Alpine Chalet ($$) Is there anything more dreamy than actually staying in a traditional building that’s been standing for hundreds of years? Pimont Alpine Chalet is an extremely picturesque lodge that has been reconstructed inside of an old farmstead. The goal at Pimont is for guests to embrace the traditions of the region blended with the new age while taking a breather from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Check rates

Val Gardena is the best place to stay in the Dolomites

Recommended Area to Stay in the Dolomites: Val Gardena

Ultimately, it’s a hard decision to make when deciding when and where specifically to go. It does of course depend on what activities you are looking for. However, Val Gardena takes the cake for being the best place to visit.

An ideal itinerary for a traveler or travelers, on somewhat of an average budget would be to fly into Venice, take the bus from Venice to Val Gardena to save some money, and then be able to afford a little extra to stay in one of the beautiful hotels in Val Gardena, close enough to town that you can walk everywhere, yet also close to the nature trails and views. 

Val Gardena is the perfect location to get the best of everything the Dolomites have to offer. It’s remote enough that you feel you can still get back to nature, and venture deeper into nature without going too far. It’s the perfect jumping-off point for dozens of popular hikes. The town of Ortisei is just too picturesque for words, and you can experience the local culture and sustainable efforts. 

In the wintertime, Val Gardena turns into a true wonderland and is surrounded by popular ski runs. Yet, in the summertime, this is the central hub for hiking, you don’t necessarily need a car to travel around here, and you can still stay close enough to town to explore restaurants, bars, and unique shops, and see a different side of Dolomitic culture.

where are the Dolomites Map
The Dolomites are in Northern Italy

Where Are the Dolomites

The Dolomites are one of the most popular adventure tourism destinations in Europe. This mountain range is located in the North-Eastern corner of Italy and attracts visitors from across Europe and the world during every season of the year. 

As a small sibling to the nearby Swiss and Italian Alps, the Dolomites are just as strikingly beautiful, if not even more unique with their sharp spikey peaks and steep green valleys. Imagine just how vastly different this region looks with snow-covered rocky slopes in the winter and bright contrasting, flower-covered hills in the spring and summer. 

There is something for everyone in each season of the year in the Dolomite region, whether you want to peruse the Christmas markets and slide through the snow in the winter, run through the meadows singing “The Hills Are Aliveeee” in the Spring, hike across the peaks in the summer, or settle into a cozy accommodation during the chilly Autumn air. 

The region in its entirety is nearly 16,000 square kilometers and is composed almost entirely of Dolomitic limestone and the glaciated characteristics of this region have created the dramatic rocky slopes we see today.

Read More: You might also be interested in a complete Northern Italy itinerary or an overview of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites.

How to Get to the Dolomites

DOMESTIC FLIGHT: The closest airport to the region is technically Bolzano airport however this small regional airport services small domestic flights within Italy.

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT: So unless you are flying domestically from another small regional airport in Italy, you will find more frequent domestic and international flights to Venice, Verona, and Innsbruck, which are the three closest large cities.

Map of Areas to Stay in the Dolomites

Get an idea of all the areas you can stay in the Dolomites and the proximity to the nearest hike/town you wish to visit. Click on the interactive google map to zoom in and out of the map.

Tip: The valleys pinned on the map are often times very large. Zoom in on the interactive map to check out the various villages inside the valleys for alternative places to stay.

Map of places to stay in the Dolomites
Overview of the 9 areas to stay in the Dolomites covered in this guide

Best Time to Visit the Dolomites

First things first, you need to decide on which season you would prefer to visit.

SUMMER: Summertime in the Dolomites hosts the opportunity for more extensive hiking that leads to better views, as well as all of the other summertime sports like biking, swimming, rock climbing, and taking advantage of the wellness activities of the summer like outdoor yoga classes and garden walks.

AUTUMN: As the foliage changes color the landscape changes drastically and turns into a patchwork of varying shades of orange. Snow comes early in this part of Italy, some years the autumnal landscapes disappear under a layer of thick snow as early as October.

WINTER: Wintertime in this region is an entirely different experience, centered around skiing in the Dolomites and partaking in other winter activities like lodge dwelling, sitting cozy by the fireplace after a long day in the snow, and spotting winter wildlife. 

The views are incredible in any season and it’s really a matter of personal preference if you prefer the snowy-capped peaks, or the rocky hillsides and green pastures.

Getting around the Dolomites
Rent an electrical car to drive around the Dolomites

Getting Around the Dolomites

Looking to visit the Dolomites without a car, but not entirely sure how to go about it? There are a few options to choose from, public transportation or alternatively renting a car.

Public transportation in the Dolomites

It will get you everywhere but it will take a bit more time than via car.
Take advantage of the Venice – Dolomiti bus, The Cortina Express. This bus runs daily and is the most affordable option to transfer to The Dolomites from Venice. Once you reach Dolomiti, there are plenty of buses that run hourly to nearby towns and villages and to the most popular hiking trails.

If you are relying on public transportation the question of where to stay in the Dolomites becomes easy: Val Gardena!

TIP: Visiting South Tyrol, check out Mobil Card.  Visiting Trentino, look into the Guest Pass. These cards, to be purchased once, allow you access to the vast majority of public transport in the region.

Rent a car in the Dolomites

It will get you everywhere but it will take a bit more time than via car.
Although not the most sustainable way to get travel, renting a car is the easiest way to get around the Dolomites.

Many of the hotels recommended in this guide are equipped with a charging station, so getting around with an electric car is well worth looking into!

Budget info: Renting a car in the Dolomites will cost between €30 and €80 euro a day depending on the type of car & insurance you end up booking. Compare rentals via Auto Europe and be sure to book in advance!

Documents needed to rent a car in the Dolomites

  • Drivers need to be at least 19 years old. Be warned that drivers between the age of 19 and 25 will be required to pay an additional charge (young driver surcharge).
  • Drivers Licence that is valid. Should you be renting from outside of Europe an International Drivers Permit is required. 
  • Insurance: According to Italian Law, a Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection insurance for your car is required. These usually come in the standard rental package, though best to check in advance.

Save your pennies: Compare rentals via Auto Europe and be sure to book in advance!

Responsible and Sustainable Travel Around the Dolomites

LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND: When hiking around the beautiful peaks, forested landscapes or lakes in the Dolomites you will not encounter many trashcans. Make sure to plan ahead and take a small bag with you to carry your trash back out with you.

TAP WATER: Tap water is drinkable all over Italy. Bring a reusable water bottle with you on your travels.

GREEN MOBILITY: Unlike some other parts of Italy, the public transport system in South Tyrol works well and gets you pretty much anywhere. Südtirol Pass is one card that allows you to take buses, trains and a select number of cable cars. Available for 1,3 and 7 days. Find a point of purchase close to you.

STAY LOCAL: Stay in a small, family-run guesthouse instead of one of the larger chains of hotels.

TRY DOP PRODUCTS: Products labeled with DOP or the “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” are regional products using ingredients coming from a specific location and/or family and adhere to the highest standard of quality.

Kalterersee in the Dolomites

Final Advice on Where to Stay in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are a special region that seems to still be a bit untouched by mass tourism. Although they certainly get their fair share of visitors, this region has held on surprisingly well to its traditional values and back-to-nature mentality. 

Although the Dolomites are located in Italy, this region has been so greatly influenced through the years that it truly gives visitors the perfect blend of European multiculturalism. There’s nowhere else in the world where you can ski in Alpine, French-Germanic-styled villages and 2 hours later be sailing on a gondola down the Grand Canal. It’s truly unique.

The Dolomites offer an incredible opportunity not just for a serene holiday with your partner or your family or friends, but also to fully embrace traveling sustainably. The hotels in this region are making a huge conscious effort to apply sustainable tactics internally in the hotel operations, but also to encourage their guests to be sustainable travelers. 

Hotels in the Dolomites have truly nailed the art of eco-travel by incorporating locally sourced ingredients in their restaurants, implementing natural elements in the hotel, and a few by being a zero-waste facility. 

It’s not easy deciding where to stay in the Dolomites, but you’re sure to love your time there wherever you do end up!

Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels


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Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Pin It
Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels
Where to Stay in the Dolomites: Best Areas and Sustainable Hotels


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