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There are plenty of places to visit near Amsterdam by train. Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and head out to storybook villages laced with canals and friendly locals, visit fairytale castles and go windmill spotting. All that and more in under two hours from Amsterdam by train.

Each year millions of visitors flock to Amsterdam, exploring the canals, the gabled houses and the prolific nightlife (coffee shops anyone?). The city is positively exploding at the seams. Granted it is still worth visiting Amsterdam, but it might not be the best choice if you are looking to get a feel for true Dutch culture.

Time permitting, take one of the many available day trips from Amsterdam by train to the outskirts of the city or farther afield to other cities around Amsterdam. Expect gregarious greetings, candid locals and towns dipping their feet in clear-watered canals

This guide contains 17 train destinations from Amsterdam, 15 within the Netherlands itself, and 2 to the neighboring country Belgium. The shortest train destination from Amsterdam is a mere 15 minutes away, while the farthest is just under two hours.

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Where to Go From Amsterdam by Train

One look at the map should be enough to confirm your suspicions that the Netherlands is in reality the size of a pocket square. A pretty pocket square, but a pocket square nonetheless. Thanks to a comprehensive network of trains running from Friesland in the north to Heerlen in the south there are endless possibilities for train trips from Amsterdam within the Netherlands.

Add to that the high-speed network of trains (Eurostar) and your list of possibilities has just grown to include Belgium, France and the UK.

To avoid endless scrolling on your part, I made an executive choice and went ahead to pick 18 places to visit near Amsterdam that provide a glimpse into Dutch culture, food and history. A mixture of off-beat towns and well-known cities around Amsterdam to help you explore more of the Netherlands in a sustainable way (e.g. train & boat hopping versus gas station hopping).

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Amsterdam Centraal
Amsterdam Centraal is where your journey to visit places around Amsterdam will start

Train Rides From Amsterdam – The Practicalities

The below-mentioned day trips from Amsterdam by train are all under two hours away by train from the city. Taking the train in Amsterdam is very straightforward! That is, once you get the basics down.

Types of trains to take from Amsterdam

SPRINTER: A slower train that makes stops at all stations between the larger cities. They are great for quick trips from Amsterdam to smaller villages/towns. Tickets can be bought on the spot, no prior reservation needed. These are domestic trains

INTERCITY: A fast train that makes limited stops between the larger cities.

INTERCITY DIRECT: A fast train serving the Amsterdam – Schiphol (the airport)-Rotterdam-Breda route. If you happen to be on the international Intercity Direct train it will also serve Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium). No prior reservation needed, tickets are purchased on the spot.

EUROSTAR: Highspeed trains connecting Amsterdam to Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), France (Paris) and the UK (London). These trains require a prior reservation and are international trains/

Purchasing tickets & taking the train

Getting around Amsterdam on the train will require you to purchase a train ticket. This can be done in a variety of different ways: Online, inside the Amsterdam Central Station from the yellow and blue machines (see above) or from the service desk inside the Amsterdam Central Station. The machines take (credit) card and coins (no notes).

The various trains with their arrival times & platforms are indicated on the screens dotted around the station. Check the timetable and which train to take online (or via Google Maps). Once you get on the train the stops of the train will be indicated on a small screen (see above). “Verwachte aankomsttijd” means estimated time of arrival while “Spoor” means platform.

Useful information: Check the latest timetables and book your tickets for both domestic and international trains online.

17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train

Now we have the practicalities out of the way, time to delve into the 17 train trips from Amsterdam within the Netherlands itself.

To make things easier I have split them into places that are reachable with the train from Amsterdam Centraal in under one hour and places that will take between one and two hours to reach.

TIP | Happen to be visiting Amsterdam with splendid weather. Take a look at these easy cycling trips from Amsterdam instead of exploring via train.

17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train

11 Train trips from Amsterdam under one hour from the city

17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train

There are plenty of places to visit around Amsterdam that are a very short train ride away. Thanks to their proximity to Amsterdam, most of the below-mentioned spots can equally be visited on a bike trip from the city (though that will take longer than one hour).

I am a little wobbly on a bike, so decided to take the train to visit but do not let my lack of balance deter you from renting a bike in the city and exploring the Amsterdam surroundings in true Dutch style – on two-wheels.

Zaandam near Amsterdam
Zaandam is one of the closest train trips from Amsterdam


Getting there from Amsterdam: From Amsterdam Centraal take the sprinter or Intercity to Zaandam; to visit Zaans Schans take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Zaandijk station and walk 15 minutes.
Travel time: 13 min
Tours: Zaans Schans, Volendam & Marken day trip from Amsterdam
Combine with: Volendam

The region’s showcase is Zaans Schans, where the hands of time have stood still in 18th century Holland. This was the height of industrialization when over 600 windmills were built in the area.
Some of these windmills are still operational centuries later making the banks of the Zaan river a veritable paradise for windmill lovers.

Further enchantment awaits upon visiting Zaandam itself, Czaar Peterhuisje is a little wooden house dating back to the 17th century or “insta-famous” Inntel Hotel made up of no less than 70 colorful stacked houses. Zaandam is a 9-minute train ride from Zaandijk.

The proximity to the city coupled with the fact it is a breeze to get to make Zaandam one of the most popular day trips from Amsterdam. Be aware that despite being wonderfully scenic, the bustling waterfront around Zaans Schans tends to get very crowded in the summer months.

Alternatively: While Zaandam is one of the easiest bike rides from Amsterdam, consider renting a bike and venturing out from Amsterdam. A scenic 50-minute bike ride awaits!


Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal and get off at the stop Weesp.
Travel time: 16 min
Combine with: Muiden & Fort Pampus or Naarden

The seemingly unassuming town of Weesp has documented city rights dating back more than 700 years. This picture-perfect medieval town perched upon the Vecht river historically flourished thanks to the trade along the river Vecht as well as the production of porcelain and – surprisingly – beer & gin.

Honor the beer legacy by popping into the former church now turned craft brewery Wispe Brouwery to try some (modern-day) local beers and grab a bite to eat. My personal favorite was the Wispe Blonde, perfect for a warm summer night.

During the summer a seasonal river cruise from Weesp to Fort Uitermeer is run by volunteers. The cruise takes place on a house-shaped boat (De Vuurlinie). Take a memorable float between mills, ducks and a host of lavish houseboats. The cruise is only available upon request, inquire in advance for both availability and price.

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17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train
Kasteel de Haar in Utrecht near Amsterdam


Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the Intercity from Amsterdam Centraam to Utrecht Centraal
Travel time: 27 minutes
Tours: Utrecht City Canal Cruise; tickets to De Haar Castle and Park
Combine with: Breukelen

Oftentimes referred to as the “mini” version of Amsterdam. Utrecht is unequivocally Dutch with abundant canals, lined with terraces containing merry holiday-goers and locals alike. The very best way to see the city is from the vantage point of the water, preferably atop one of the many Canal Cruises.

Roam the streets of the 4th largest city in the Netherlands without Google Maps. Even the most directionally challenged traveler (I count myself in that category) will be hard pressed to get lost with the ever-present Dom Tower functioning as a picture-perfect compass.

On the outskirts of Utrecht lies the jaw-dropping De Haar Castle. Cinderella would most certainly approve of this turreted beauty. The easiest and most scenic way to get to De Haar Castle from Utrecht is by renting a bicycle. A leisurely 40-minute ride will bring you to the doorstep of one of the Netherlands’ very best castles

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Breukelen near Amsterdam
Nijenrode Castle in Breukelen is a great day trip from Amsterdam by train


Getting there Amsterdam: Take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Breukelen station
Travel time: 28 minutes
Combine with: Utrecht

Breukelen is one of the few places close to Amsterdam by train on this list I still have to explore. Passing by Breukelen we saw perfectly curated laws sprawling out for spectacular manors the most opulent of which was without a doubt the 17th-century Nijenrode Castle ( a university nowadays).

The canals were filled with little boats upon which locals lounged leisurely enjoying the sun, the town square was absolutely filled to the brink with lively bars and restaurants while the lush green vegetation around the town looked positively inviting for a long bike ride.

The name Breukelen might sound familiar, it is in fact the namesake of the Brooklyn borough in New York. When the Dutch settlers first set foot on Long Island in the 17th century they named the settlement after their town back home e.g. Breukelen.

day trip by train from Amsterdam Almere
Almere is a great day trip from Amsterdam by train


Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the Intercity from Amsterdam Centraal to Almere Centrum
Travel time: 21 to 31 minutes
Combine with: Muiden and Fort Pampus

Take a day trip from Amsterdam by train to the Netherlands’ newest city, Almere in the province of Flevoland. The land on which Almere is built was reclaimed from the water just under 50 years ago. Unlike historical Dutch cities, Almere is not lined with gabled houses and snaking canals. Yet do not allow that to deter you from visiting as the city is the poster child for avant-garde architecture and sustainability.

Walking through Almere it will soon become clear what this sustainability entails. The city is filled with ample green spaces and over 500 kilometers of cycling paths. The 42 kilometers of coastline are a paradise for watersports (Surfstrand Almere Haven and Atlantis Beach being especially popular for kitesurfing).

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Getting there from Amsterdam: Take either the Intercity or sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Leiden Centraal
Travel time: 35 minutes
Tours: 2-hour windmill cruise departing from Leiden
Combine with: There is a lot to see in Leiden, this is a full-day trip from Amsterdam

The university city of Leiden is lined with 15th-century gabled houses and tiny little canals snaking their way through the historical center. It is highly romantic and jam-packed with exciting museums and a swinging nightlife scene (thank you students!). It also happens to be one of the easiest train rides from Amsterdam with many trains running every day, multiple times an hour between the two cities.

The city is the scientific hub of the Netherlands producing no less than 16 Nobel Prize-winning discoveries. To get around the city and the sights I used the free Leiden Discovery trail app which contains a ton of fun historical facts about the city and a map (which even I could read).

Weather permitting stroll around the largest botanical garden in the Netherlands, the Hortus Bontanicus before grabbing a bite to eat in the Pieterskerk (a 15th-century former church now restaurant/exhibition area). Lovers of castles will want to include a visit to Duivenvoorde Castle on the outskirts of Leiden.

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Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Naarden Bussum
Travel time: 39 minutes
Combine with: Muiden & Fort Pampus or Weesp

The star-shaped town of Naarden is cute as a button. With a mere 17.000 inhabitants, the town could easily be overlooked for other starlets of the region. Naarden is the perfect add-on to any itinerary that includes a visit to Muiderslot and/or Fort Pampus.

Curious travelers stepping foot in Naarden are rewarded with friendly locals, a surprisingly pleasant town atmosphere and a highly interesting geographical layout of a village that underwent gruesome trials and tribulations at the hands of various conquerors.

In an effort to protect its inhabitants, the town surrounded itself by 2 moats and a host of defensive bastions upon which a battery of canons closely guarded the town. These bastions have given the town its famous star shape which we were able to see from the top of the Grote Kerk (reservations need to be made in advance to climb the tower).

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Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Bussum Zuid from there hop on a bus to Laren, Brink (bus number 109 Hilversum via Laren-Eemnes)
Travel time: 46 minutes
Combine with: Naarden
Tickets to Singer Laren Museum: Included in the IAmsterdam City Card or purchased directly at the museum.

Laren is located in the Gooi area and is one of the oldest towns of that area. What used to be a simple artists’ town (Piet Mondrian even called Laren home!) has now grown into the Hollywood of the Netherlands with celebrities flocking to the obscure town to settle down away from prying eyes.

The eclectic mix of art colony meets nouveau rich has resulted in a thriving town filled with good bars & restaurants. Yet what makes this one of the worthy train trips from Amsterdam is not so much the culinary scene but the Singer Laren Museum.

What started as the private home of 2 American ex-pats (one of whom was a prolific painter) turned into a beautiful modernist museum after their death. What makes the museum special – aside from the obvious, the artworks – is the abundant light pouring in through windows and carefully placed light panels. No stuffy or dusty museum feeling to be felt.

Weather permitting extend your visit with cake and coffee in the beautiful sculpture garden designed by famous Dutch architect Piet Oudolf (who also designed the famous High Line in New York).


Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Gouda
Travel time: 50 minutes
Combine with: Rotterdam

A postcard-perfect town that carries the name of the Netherlands’ most famous export product: Cheese. The city was originally founded in the Middle Ages and started off as nothing more than a fort along the Gouwe river.

Centuries later, Gouda contains a beautiful 15th-century city hall, abundant stroopwafel and cheese shops (yum!) as well as copious amounts of tiny canals snaking through the historical center. It is one of the popular train destinations from Amsterdam due to its great connection and proximity to the city.

Take a relaxing stroll through the Goudse Hofjes, shop until you drop in the Lange and Korte Groenendaal (the first fairtrade street in the country) and marvel at the colorful stained glass windows of the Sint-Jan church. Cheese lovers will not want to miss the Goude Cheese Experience!

Muiderslot near Amsterdam
Muiderslot is a great place to visit near Amsterdam for castle lovers


Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Weesp Station from there a direct bus leaves to Muiden (Bus 110 Bussum Station via Muiden P+R)
Travel time: 59 minutes
Tickets: Included in the IAmsterdam City Card or can be purchased online
Combine with: Fort Pamus, Naarden or Weesp

Muiderslot, Muider Castle, or Amsterdam Castle as it is locally known has been around for over 700 years. Located close to the Vecht River it was built with one goal: Protection. As is the faith of many a castle, Muiderslot went through the cycle of building, renovation, destruction, and dilapidation until it finally became a museum.

These days it is one of the prettiest places to visit around Amsterdam and does more wooing than protecting. The best-preserved castle in the Netherlands comes with a moat, an impressive castle garden, a knights’ hall as well as an extraordinary array of arms in the armory including a full suit of armor visitors can try on.

I loved wandering around the shaded gardens (scan the QR-code for an audioguide), watching the swans glide across the moat and of course exploring the two guided routes through the castle. Be warned that the knights’ route involves a few rickety stairs to the top of the tower (not great if you are claustrophobic).


Getting there from Amsterdam: From Muiderslot take the ferry which leaves 300 meters from the entrance (open April first to November first). Ferry leaves once an hour between 10.30 and 14.30
Travel time: 59 minutes
Tickets: Included in the iAmsterdam City Card or can be purchased online
Combine with: Muiderslot or Weesp

Fort Pampus is one of the 40 forts known as the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Stellingen van Amsterdam). The 19th-century Defence Line consisted of forts, dikes, barracks, and ammunition depots all geared towards keeping the city safe. The concept was simple, to avoid the enemy attacking the city simply flood the surrounding area and cut off any possible access to the port of Amsterdam.

The theory worked, that is until the invention of the airplane made this tactic obsolete. Left to the forces of nature and adventurers looking for a secluded spot to get into mischief the fort perched on its little island fell into disarray. In recent years the fort has undergone a full renovation and houses an interactive museum. It is also a much-beloved spot for locals to have a picnic!

Practical: The last ferry departs from the island at 14.30, don’t miss it! There is no need to reserve a spot if you have the iAmsterdam City Card, simply make sure the card is valid when you get on the ferry.

17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train

4 Train destinations from Amsterdam between 1 and 2 hours

17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train

The next set of train destinations from Amsterdam are between one and two hours from the city.
Some of them require a combination of train and bus to get to, but rest assured they are well worth the trip!

Places to see near Amsterdam - Delft


Getting there from Amsterdam: Jump on the Intercity from Amsterdam Centraal to Delft
Travel time: 1h
Tours: Delft Canal Cruise; Delft Blue Factory and Museum
Short on time? Rotterdam, The Hague & Delft full-day tour from Amsterdam

The city of Delft is a beautiful Medieval town replete with canals, gabled houses, and the famous blue & white Delft Blue porcelain. Art connoisseurs might know that Delft was the birthplace of the famous 17th-century Dutch painter Jan Vermeer. A museum is still present in Delft, though sadly it does not have any original Vermeer paintings on display.

Delft is a great place to visit for both lovers of smaller storybook cities and those looking to experience the student culture in the Netherlands. As Delft has one of the most prestigious universities in the country, the city is awash with students making the city positively brimming with youthful energy (and cheap beer!).

Visit the leaning tower of the Oude Kerk, stroll along the many canals and head towards the spectacular 17th-century Delft City Hall and check out the Delft Blue factory and museum to learn about the rich history of porcelain making of the region.

Where to go from Amsterdam by Train - Rotterdam


Getting there from Amsterdam: Grab either the Intercity or sprinter from Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam
Travel time: 1h13
Tours: Rotterdam Harbor Tour; Kinderdijk windmill village entry ticket
Short on time? Rotterdam, The Hague & Delft full-day tour from Amsterdam

Rotterdam is one of my favorite places to visit near Amsterdam by train. The city is incredibly hip, has some of the most avant-garde architecture and has a very cool food market that contains traditional Dutch classics as well as some great fusion restaurants (and a fully stocked Asian supermarket!).

The city was heavily bombed during WWII, which in turn meant a full rebuild was required. Architects veered away from rebuilding what was previously there and instead opted to make the city as modern as possible. Some of the coolest buildings include the cubic houses, the pencil and sharpener building the Rotterdam Station and the Van Nelle fabriek.

Just outside of the city lies one of the most visited spots in the Netherlands (outside of Amsterdam and Keukenhof), the 19 UNESCO world heritage windmills of Kinderdijk. During summer a waterbus runs hourly between Rotterdam and Kinderdijk.

Castles near Amsterdam Sypestyn Castle Museum


Getting there from Amsterdam: Take the Intercity from Amsterdam Centraal to Hilversum train station from there take the bus that leaves at Hilversum bus station to Nieuw Loosdrecht (Bus 104 NW Loosdrecht)
Travel time: 1h15
Combine with: Hilversum (as this is where you take the bus)

Although slightly more cumbersome to get to from the city, it is one of the prettiest places to visit around Amsterdam and well worth taking the train/bus combo. Built a mere 100 years ago, Castle Sypestyn in the Vecht area is the culmination of one man’s ambitious dreams.

Hendrik Van Sypestyn grew up in a wealthy family. In fact, growing up his house contained a painting of a castle in the Vecht that once belonged to the family in the 16th century. Convinced his ancestry was of noble birth (spoiler, it was not), he set out to rebuild this family castle which in turn would house his (very) ample art collection. The art collection was to be put on display for the public.

Through the use of reclaimed materials, Hendrik Van Sypestyn created an enigmatic medieval-looking castle complete with a moat and a pleasure garden. The Castle was a museum right from the start and continues to hold that function today. Tickets to the museum cost €12 ($12) and can be bought at the entrance directly.

Tulips in the Netherlands


Getting there from Amsterdam: Getting to Keukenhof by train will require a stop in either Schiphol or Haarlem, from there take the train to Lisse (1.5 km from Keukenhof). Or consider taking the Keukenhof Express bus which runs in spring.
Travel time: 1h20
Tours: Skip the line & Transportation to Keukenhof
Combine with: Leiden

One of the most popular places to visit near Amsterdam during spring is without a doubt Keukenhof. The vast tulip fields attract many tourists from everywhere in the world. Be aware that Keukenhof itself is only open from the end of March to the beginning of May during tulip season (be sure to check in advance as tulip season is weather dependent).

There is nothing quite like an expansive field of vibrant tulips. With 32 hectares and 7 million flower bulbs, Keukenhof is well worth a visit, though be mentally prepared to rub shoulders with many other flower enthusiasts. As the doors to the park open, the crowds start streaming in immediately.

When purchasing tickets (€19/$19) you will be asked to choose a timeslot to enter the park. Exit the park at your own leisure (no maximum timeslot is given to explore).

Further Afield: Easy Train Trips from Amsterdam to Belgium

The high-speed international train routes from Amsterdam to Paris and London connect the city with Belgium, France and the UK within hours. Simply hop on the Eurostar in Amsterdam Centraal for connections to Brussels (1h30), Paris (3h18) and London (4h). Be aware, that tickets need to be booked in advance for the high-speed trains.

GOOD TO KNOW | You can take a day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges if you take the Eurostar to Brussels first (travel time 2h30).

Alternatively, if you find yourself with a bit of additional time on your hands and do not want to break the bank, hop on the Intercity Direct train (IC). The train stops in Antwerp (2h30) and Brussels (3 hours) and takes around double the time versus the Eurostar, for half the price (Amsterdam to Brussels €100 to and back). No reservations are needed in advance. Simply purchase your ticket right before you leave.

Useful information: Check the latest timetables and book your tickets for both domestic and international trains online.

train Amsterdam to Antwerp

1. Antwerp

Getting there from Amsterdam: Take either the Intercity Direct or the Eurostar from Amsterdam Centraal and get off at Amsterdam Centraal
Travel time: 1h15
Tours: 2-hour bike tour; 2-hour walking tour with a local
Combine with: Nothing, this is a full-day trip from Amsterdam

One of the most popular train trips from Amsterdam is to the fashion capital of Belgium, Antwerp. The shopping is abundant, the city center wonderful to stroll around and the plethora of good restaurants highly inviting.

The adventure starts when you get off the train. Antwerpen Centraal is considered one of the most beautiful train stations in the world (make sure to head to the main hall to gaze upon the spectacular marble staircase).

First-time visitors will want to head over to the Grote Markt (the main square), savor the local beer “een bolleke”, visit het Rubens Huis and the Plantyn Moretus museum or spend an afternoon shopping in and around de Nationalestraat.

Read more: Learn exactly what to do in Antwerp and where to find delicious vegetarian food in the city.

in Brussels

2. Brussels

Getting there from Amsterdam: Take either the Intercity Direct or the Eurostar from Amsterdam Centraal and get off at Brussel Midi (Eurostar stop) or Brussel Centraal (Intercity Direct stop).
Travel time: 1h53
Tours: Chocolate workshop, Belgian beer tasting
Combine with: Nothing, this is a full-day train trip from Amsterdam

If you are looking for easy day trips from Amsterdam by train outside of the Netherlands, consider visiting the capital of Belgium, Brussels. The city is packed with Art Nouveau buildings, a magnificent Grand Place (main square) adorned with golden guild houses and plenty of delicious french fry houses to try those Belgian fries you have heard so much about.

The Eurostar will take you into Brussels Midi, hop on a train to Brussels Centraal (3 min train ride) to be close to the Historical Center and the various museums (Comic Strip Museum & Magritte Museum). For a bar with a view head to the top floor of the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), vintage shopping is done in Rue Haute and traditional Belgian Cuisine can be sampled at Aux Armes de Bruxelles.

Read More: Find out exactly what to do for one day in Brussels. Not your first time to the city? Have a peak at the various hidden gems in Brussels you might have missed last time.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Spending a few days exploring Amsterdam and its surroundings and looking for a sustainable hotel or locally run B&B to sleep in? Here are a few of my favorite options for a variety of different budgets.

17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train
Hotel Twenty-Eight:
Courtesy of booking.com


Generating a large part of its own energy, use of eco-friendly materials and the use of water saving taps throughout the hotel (including the toilets!). On-site parking available

Where to stay in Amsterdam
Conscious Hotel Museum Square:
Courtesy of booking.com


Located a 5-minute walk from the Van Gogh Museum, the location is unbeatable. Comes with an organic breakfast, the option to rent bicycles on site and a tram stop with direct connections to Amsterdam Central station on the doorstep.

where to stay in Amsterdam
Hotel Nine Street Inn:
Courtesy of booking.com


This little B&B is set in the heart of Amsterdam, a mere 150 meters away from the Jourdan Area. Rooms are small but offer a great view over the canals.

The Various Train Destinations From Amsterdam On a Map

Have a look at the interactive Google Map to get an idea of where the various train trips from Amsterdam discussed above are located in relation to the city. Yellow pins are under one hour from Amsterdam while red pins are under two hours from the city.

train destinations from Amsterdam
Places to visit near Amsterdam by train in under two hours from the city

Where to Store Your Luggage When Exploring Places Around Amsterdam

There are plenty of places to visit around Amsterdam, though they do require hopping on and off a train. Therefore you might not want to be lugging around your luggage while you explore around Amsterdam. Luckily there are plenty of options to store your luggage.

INSIDE THE STATION: Amsterdam Centraal has a luggage storage area. It is located on the right-hand side of the Ijspassage, after the turnstile.

This is where things get tricky, to access the luggage storage in the station you need to have a valid train ticket. Practically this means you have two options: Option one is to store your luggage before you exit the station (more importantly before you exit through the turnstile); option two is to validate your train ticket and pass through the turnstile with your luggage and hand it over for storage before embarking on your day trip

Open from Monday to Sunday 05.00 AM to 00.45 AM. Small lockers cost €7.5 ($7.5) for the first 24 hours, and large lockers cost €11 ($11)

NEAR THE STATION: If you have exited the station before storing your luggage, pop over to Drop&Go 500 meters from the Antwerp Centraal station. Open from Monday to Sunday 09.00 to 21.00. Storage costs €7 ($7) per piece of luggage. The spot is easy to miss, keep your eyes out for the white sign in front of the stairs leading to the underground storage area (see image above, left).

Getting around Amsterdam

Responsible & Sustainable Travel to Amsterdam

AVOID HIGH SEASON: During the summer months of July and August the city is choc-a-bloc and the overtourism of which the city suffers becomes very apparent. Try visiting during early spring or the autumn months instead.

STAY IN A LOCAL B&B: Instead of opting for one of the prolific Airbnb’s (often not locally run) or chain hotels, make sure your tourism money goes towards supporting the local economy and opt to stay in a smaller, locally run B&B.

EXPLORE AROUND THE CITY: Move away from the heavily crowded city center and explore a few places around Amsterdam (either by train or by bicycle).

SHOP SUSTAINABLE SOUVENIRS: Want to bring back a souvenir from your trip to Amsterdam? Head to Fashian or De Ruilhoek for high-end second-hand clothing; Green Sneaker Store produces cruelty-free sneakers; Indianaweg offers secondhand plants and jewelry while O My Bag is a Bcorp-certified handbag designer.

INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES: De Pits offers delicious sandwiches and muffins served by youngsters who need a little guiding hand; Ctaste offers diners a meal in the dark, served by visually impaired staff; Hannah’s bar works with people with intellectual disabilities and Restaurant Freud employs staff with employment difficulties.

To Conclude on Train Trips from Amsterdam

There are plenty of places to visit near Amsterdam by train. If you are visiting the city, consider calculating in a few days to explore around Amsterdam. The little villages and castles are wonderfully authentic and best of all, void of the hordes of tourists that plague the city of Amsterdam.

Take a canal cruise, eat a typical Dutch bitterbal and marvel at the unknown castles around Amsterdam that once protected the city from marauders. A simple 2-hour train ride from Amsterdam will even take you to the capital of Belgium, Brussels which is well worth a day exploring (time permitting of course).

Video created by Tim Antoni (@timantoni) on a press trip together we took with iAmsterdam
17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train


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17 Places to Visit Near Amsterdam by Train
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