Bariloche hiking

Words do not do justice to this place’s’ great hikes, but I will try anyway. Here is a small overview of the various hikes I partook in with some dramatic pictures to convince you it’s well [...]

Falling in love with Patagonia

My travels around Argentina have taken me to a town called San Carlos de Bariloche. Bariloche is located in the foothills of the Andes in the Rio Negro Province, and it is generally considered to [...]

Argentina through a foreign lenze

Traveling around Argentina for the past couple weeks, there are a couple of unescapable truths . Here are some nuggets of knowledge I have picked up along the way. Some will be useful and others [...]

Ethical Elephant Santuary in Thailand

BLES is the most magical place on earth. A place built upon hard work and a dream to let elephants finally be free from abuse and be themselves. It is proof that one person is capable of making a [...]

Diving in Koh Tao

By dive three, I somehow find my sea legs and dive to the required 18 meters. I am hooked and feel like I can conquer the underwater world.