Top 5 Hidden Instagrammable Locations London

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One of the most visited cities in Europe, London! I make it a point to travel to the city once a year and indulge in West-End shows, free museums, excellent retail shopping and of course the best Indian for outside of India. There are many guides on the “most instagrammable locations” of the city, so I have tried to pin down my favorite picture worthy hidden gems.

Satisfy your curiosity and read on to find out where to get your not-so cliché, yet iconic London snap!

Top 5 Hidden Instagrammable Locations London
Hidden Instagrammable Locations LondonNational History Museum

1. The Natural History Museum

This museum is my all-time favorite place in the world. The museum is both beautiful and extremely interesting. It houses 80 million items, neatly organized into 5 categories. It is well know for the large dinosaur exhibition, architecture and of course David Attenborough.

The architecture stems back to the 19th century when the use of terracotta was in style (hence the beige color of the museum).

Tip one: The museum officially opens at 10.00, but in reality it opens 15 minutes earlier! BE sure to get there well in advance as people start lining up as of 09:30 te get inside.

Tip two: The best spot to get a great overview of the museum is from the upper levels. Go up the main staircase (located in the main hall, opposite the entrance) and turn left or right.

Address: Cromwell Road, Kensington, London SW7 5BD, UK
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10.00 – 17.30
Getting there: Nearest metro stop is South Kensington on the District, Picadilly and Circle lines (Travel Card zone one). The museum is a 5-minute walk from the metro station. Follow the signs for “museums”.

2. London’s smallest library

Short of the Big Ben, there is nothing that screams “London” more than the iconic red phone booths. The phone booths have become classic backdrops to tourist pictures but as such have become obsolete. On top of that that they are usually filled with millions of stickers in every color of the rainbow.

To avoid painfully editing out all the stickers yet still get the Instagram worthy shot, try a phone booth that is well-maintained and actually still in use! In 2013 this phone booth was converted into the smallest library in the city. The idea is you go in with an old book and switch it for a new one. It’s a s simple as that!

Address: Lewisham Way, London SE8 4DL, UK
Getting there: Take the South Eastern and stop at Saint Johns (Travel card zone two).  The library is a 10-minute walk from the station.

Top 5 Hidden Instagrammable Locations London
Hidden Instagrammable Locations LondonPhone Book Exchange
Top 5 Hidden Instagrammable Locations London
Hidden Instagrammable Locations LondonSloan Gardens

3. Sloane Gardens

I stumbled upon this neighborhood on my way to the famous Peggy Porsche Cupcakes. It’s located in the hip Chelsey neighborhood. If you are traveling with someone who is taking your pictures, you can easily ply them with a great coffee and cake. This neighborhood has a ton of hip bars to make good on your offer. It is also heaven for those of us that love interior design/ furniture shopping. Beware, the prices in the stores are not or the faint hearted though.

Sloane Gardens is a street lined with a mix of Gothic, Classical and Edwardian architecture. I went on a Sunday and there was practically nobody on the streets which meant plenty of time to get the perfect shot for Instagram.

Getting there: The nearest tube station is Sloane Square on the district and circle lines (Travel card zone one).

4. Portobello Road Vintage Store

Portobello road as such is very well known. One of the main contributing factors is the fact that the bookstore from the movie Notting Hill is located right in this neighborhood.

The second reason is the great array of color buildings dotted around this neighborhood (pink-purple-blue). These are the pictures you usually see on Instagram. What is less know is that this whole neighborhood is dotted with the best vintage stores in town.  Get creative, and use those retro vibes for that picture perfect shot.

Tip: This place is very popular, aim to go during the week to avoid some of the crowds.
Getting there: The nearest tube station is Ladbroke Grove Tube Station on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines (Travel card zone two).

Instagrammable Locations London
Hidden Instagrammable Locations LondonPortobello Road
Top 5 Hidden Instagrammable Locations London
Hidden Instagrammable Locations LondonSaint Pancras Station

5. St Pancras Station

This station withstood being bombed in WWII and nearly got torn down in the sixties. Thankfully the station survived and it makes for a beautiful backdrop for any photo shoot.

Make sure to walk up to the ground floor, and relish the beautiful arches and red bricks that were used to create this building.

Tip: Go early in the morning for the best light. If you are not an early bird, try to avoid rush hour.
Getting there: Nearest metro station Kings Cross St Pancras Station (Travel card zone one)

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Hidden Instagrammable places London
Hidden instagrammable places London
Hidden instagrammable locations London
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    Your photos are absolutely stunning! I’ll have to check these spots out next time

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    When I was in London in January I was walking between friends’ houses, and I happened upon the Lewisham Micro Library! I almost walked right by, and then I did a double take. So glad I didn’t miss it. Great addition to your list!

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      Hey Courtney, thanks a lot! Jeah I really liked this little spot too. Very ingenious way of repurposing the phonebooth.

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