Hidden instagrammable locations Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is a wonderful city with beautiful architecture around every corner. There are also many hidden gems which will inspire the creative soul in you. Find out my favorite hidden instagrammable locations, how to get there and what the lighting situation is.

Read on and go get creative!

1. Colonnades at the Signet Library

If you are a bibliophile and a lover of high-tea this is going to be your version of heaven. One of the best high-tea experiences I have had to date and set in a beautiful library.

High tea will set you back 35 pounds and needs to be booked in advance here. Ask to be seated in the left booths, they have the best light in the afternoon.

The dates and prices are subject to change. Check out the latest info here.

Most Instagrammable Locations Edinburgh

2. Calton Hill

Ok, technically not a hidden location. However it is hands down the best views of the city. Many people choose this spot for their wedding pictures and it not hard to see why. It’s a little walk up from town (15 minutes) so be sure to bring comfortable shoes.

I went there in the late morning in August. There were buses with tourists who came, took their pictures and then left. It was relatively easy to get the shot I had in mind without people. So no need to get up early for this particular location.

The Most Instagrammable Locations Edinburgh

3. The Edinburgh Grand Hotel

This hidden gem should definitely be on your list of places to go. If you are not staying in the hotel, you can still go in to take some shots however best to inform the reception when you come in.

What I loved about this place was the black and white interior and the natural light! I went in the morning and there was no need to use a flash.
Warning: do not look at the carpet for too long or you might start getting a little nauseous (I did).

Address: 42 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AD, UK

Most Instagrammable Locations Edinburgh

4. The Ivy on the square

What a restaurant! The staff are exceptionally friendly; the menu is limited but don’t let that deter you because the quality of the food is excellent. The team has a wonderful set of whiskies that can be savored at the bar. And the best part, the interior is absolutely picture perfect. Get out you camera’s you are going to want to snap some shots for Instagram!

Tip: Go during weekdays and before the breakfast crowd heads in. The early bird catches the worm in this case.

Address: 6 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2BD, UK
Check out the menu before you go: www.theivyedinburgh.com

Most instagrammable locations Edinburgh

5. The National Museum

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know I like museums that are interactive and have great architectural features. Well guess what, this location has both in abundance! My kind of hidden gem.

The outside of the building looks a bit ‘meh’ if I am honest, but believe you me, you are going to want to go inside. Walk straight to the back of the museum intro the atrium which serves as a natural softbox. The light is soft and a little yellow as it bounces of the cream colored pillars.

Tip: Head up to the third floor to have the best light and viewpoint over the rest of the museum. Bonus, nobody will be bothering you while you take your pictures!

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00-17:00
Address: Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF, UK
Find out what’s on in the museum here.

Most Instagrammable Locations Edinburgh

6. Circus Lane

The street honestly looks like it walked straight out of a storybook. Little houses, cobbled street and a clock tower in the background. I went in summer and the street was lined with a beautiful array of flowers. Very picturesque, quant and of course instagrammable!

Things to know: The street is inhabited, which means cars are parked here during the off-hours (or when people are home from work). Therefore, your best bet is to go during the week so you can experience the street it all it’s charms

Most Instagrammable Location Edinburgh

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    Wow, love your photography! I’ve been to some to these place, but def didn’t manage to take photos like this 🙂

    • Caroline

      Thanks for your feedback. I worked together with a local photographer who had the best eye for light!

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