Traveling to Poland

The Republic of Poland has started to blossom and shed the weight of the past. Visitors are treated to colorful old historic centers, romantic castles and very hip bars in refurbished factories. Traveling to Poland is easy thanks to a solid public transport system and the ever-present helping hand of friendly locals.

Located in Eastern Europe, Poland is split into 16 voivodeships (provinces) containing a sum total of 23 national parks and 16 UNESCO world heritage sites; ranging from romantic Teutonic castles to harrowing remnants of WWII, there are a wide array of things to see and do in Poland – none of which will leave you untouched.

Must see in Poland

Warsaw, Krakow, Gdanks and Wrocław are some of the best cities in Poland to visit for first-timers. The cities are easy to navigate, give you ample opportunity to eat your weight in Pierogi (Polish dumplings) – which you will then walk off exploring exquisite historical centers – and have a thriving nightlife (be aware Polish Vodka is strong!).

The adventurous traveler can head over the Łódź, to see the impressive transformation of a crumbling 19th-century industrial city into a 21st-century hip modern metropolis.  Nature lovers will enjoy Pustynia Błędowska (the only desert in Central Europe) and sunbathers have 800 kilometers of sandy coastline to choose from.


Old Town Warsaw Poland

Transportation in Poland

Take the train: If you are traveling between large Polish citities or long distances than consider using Polish Rail. Choose out of four types of trains: express, inter-city, fast, and local trains. Prices and timetables are found online (make sure to use the Polish spelling of cities). Tickets for trains can be purchased up to 30 days in advance, online or at the train station.

Take the bus: For shorter distances it might be worth taking a bus. Poland has an extensive network of buslines running across the country. The bus station is usually located next to the main train station, so if the train does not work pop over and buy a bus ticket. Consult timetables and costs online or at the busstation directly. Tickets can be bought online, at the busstation or on the bus (cash only).

Public Transportation in Poland: Inside the cities you will find busses, trams, trolley busses, and in Warsaw a metro. Tickets can be bought at the news agent (roughly 1.5 Zl per ride) and need to be validated upon entering the tram, (trolley) bus or metro.


Travel tips for Poland

  • Tipping in Poland: Not obligatory
  • Do they speak English in Poland? Yes, in the big cities
  • How to recognise official Vodka from Poland? There will be a Polish flag on the back of the bottle.
  • Traditional (vegetarian) Polish food to try: Zapiekanka & veggie Pierogi
  • Interesting cultural festivals: The first Monday after Easter is called Wet Monday (Smigus Dyngus) and involves people throwing water on each other (not unlike Songkran in Thailand)

Places to visit in Poland

Palace of Science and Culture Warsaw Poland


Manufaktura in Lodz Poland


European Islands


European Monuments


Key facts about Poland



Main Languages



37.95 million


Złoty (zł)

Main religion


Time Zone

UTC+1/ UTC+2

Plugs types

C, E


Right side of the road

Emergency Number


 Practical information for visiting Poland


Fly: Poland has 11 large airports, the busiest of which being Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)

Train: Warsaw and Krakow are well connected to the majority of EU capitals.


Find a list of comfortable accomodations ranging from local guesthouses to luxury hotels.


Average Daily Budget: $52
Meals $15 a person; hotel accomodations $25- $50; activities (museums) $10


May to October
July and August tend to be busy to head to the mountains and avoid the coastal area.

Average summer temperature: 28°C
Average winter temperature: -4°C


Depending on the country of origin visitors can stay for up to 90 days; costs depending on the country of origin


Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mines, Hot Pools in Zakopane, drive around in a Trabant for a day or take a (food) tour with a local

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