Practical guide to Lake Bled Slovenia

The stuff fairy tales are made of - sunshine reflecting off the crystal clear water, a bevy of swans swimming in front of paddle boats filled with couples, under the watchful eye of one of the [...]

A wonderful weekend in Antwerp

The buzzing city of Antwerp is one of the most populous cities in the country. It is home to the most beautiful train station in the world, is the second largest port in Europe, holds the burial [...]

Top Veggie Restaurants Antwerp

There is nothing better than sharing a good meal in a new location. Antwerp sure has many restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. Here are a couple of my go-to hotspot.

Three Days in Mechelen

Mechelen, a small and very upcoming city in the heart of Flanders Belgium. Also the city I am proud to call home, for the time being at least. So, what does one do when they come to Mechelen? [...]

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