Top things to see in Khiva Uzbekistan

From sleepy town on the outskirts of the Silk Road to largest slave market in Central Asia, from imperial Khanate to Communist Republic: It’s safe to say that this little known city has [...]

A practical guide to Kashan Iran

Kashan is a city in the north of the Isfahan province of Iran. Many tourists choose to skip the city due to lack of time, here to convice you otherwise! This practical guide to Kashan shows you [...]

The ultimate two week Iran travel guide

Thinking of going to Iran but not entirely sure how to start planning? I hear you! This beautiful country is very much underrated and sadly only on the radar of the more adventurous souls. I [...]

The ancient capital of Thailand Sukothai

No trip to Thailand is complete without visiting the humming capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in Asia and I could happily explore all the good sights and restaurants [...]

Yoga and Aryuveda in Sri Lanka

I feel like I am riding an emotional rollercoaster. During one particular yoga class, we are focusing on hip openers and I have tears streaming down my face for no apparent reason.

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