Where to find the best pizza in Brussels

There are but a handful of dishes that you can serve – and eat- at pretty much any occasion and at every time of the day. Pizza is at the top of that very short list! If it were up to me, pizza [...]

Vegetarian restaurants in Ljubljana

Slovenia has such a rich food culture, offering a wide variety of dishes - vegetarian and meat- and using many organic ingredients. It is also the spot where I first tried pumpkin oil (newsflash [...]

A vegetarians guide to Slovenian food

Traditionally, Slovenian cuisine is heavy on the meat dishes. That being said, vegetarian options are always available and some traditional dishes are even vegetarian from the start. If you are [...]

Where to eat in Mechelen

This is my absolute favourite restaurant in Mechelen. The food is based on the principles of Ottolenghi, it’s a very pure cuisine – sorry guys, I am not a fan of sauces- with fresh ingredients [...]

Top 5 brunch spots in Mechelen

I have a confession to make, brunch is my favorite meal…. EVER. Leisurely waking up, strolling to a nearby café and reading the paper or catching up with friends all the while indulging in great [...]